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Olympics2016: Team Spain Press Conference



Translated by Genny SS;

On what means for Rafa being flag bearer: "For me being Spain's flag bearer on Friday means a reward to many years of work, motivation & passion put on every day of practice & competition. As I've said may times, I'm very grateful to those who thought I was the right person to carry the flag in these Games. For me it is going to be a great satisfaction and I'm very excited about it."
Rafa's asked who he would like to take pics with: "Well, honestly, I already have many pics w/many athletes from Beijing & other events. But here I think it is a special place to meet and be with athletes who maybe are less popular because their sports are less popular.
In the end, whoever loves sport feels close to the sport world in general. Obviously, those you see on TV every day are likely more popular and often are those most people want to take a pic with. But probably this is the only event in the sport world (hence its importance) where all the athletes who are here are one-on-one, at same level & this is what makes Olympic Games more special than any other sporting event."

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