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IPTL: Match Photos


Rafa Nadal is playing for the MICROMAX INDIAN ACES his team is currently in the lead.

Rafael Nadal: “I heard some wonderful things about the IPTL from the players last year. I was looking forward to playing last year too, but had to pull out because of my appendicitis injury. But I’m really excited to be playing here today. It’s a great format, its superbly organised, all the players love, and it’s great for the sport of tennis to be able to go to new markets.” He added, “It’s my first time here in Manila, and the crowd has been fantastic. I did a tennis clinic here yesterday with the kids, and it felt wonderful. I love being with children, to help them play better.” On his visit to India in second leg of IPTL, “I am looking forward to playing in Delhi, my first time there. I’ve played a few times in Chennai. I also have a centre of my foundation in Anantapur, and I’m happy that some children from that centre will be able to come to the games in Delhi. I’m happy to support the children there, they get to learn English, Mathematics, Informatics; we’ve also built some tennis courts there, and it feels good to support the children.” On 2015 and the year ahead, he said “I had a good year, finished no. 5 in the world, which is not so bad. I’m training really hard to be able to play the best that I can, and I am looking forward to a strong year ahead.”

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