Basel: Pre Tournament Presser Photos w/Quotes


Georgios KefalasGeorgios KefalasGeorgios KefalasGeorgios KefalasGeorgios Kefalas

“I’ve improved most mentally this season, I have the motivation to keep going and what motivates me is to find a way to play at the highest level possible and to put myself in a position to fight for the things I want to fight for. My goal is to enjoy tennis and compete in all the tournaments and be happy with what I am doing.”
“I start preparing for next season today, There will be no rest this year. I have no time. After the [Barclays ATP] World Tour Finals I will try to have a few days off, but that’s it.”
“My main goal is to try and work hard and finish this year with a lot of energy and a better level than I’ve shown this year,”
“For sure, every victory and every practice helps. I’m healthy and that’s allowing me to practise quite a lot.
“Mentally I’m feeling great, with the motivation to keep going. The process during this year has been better. I’m working hard to be better tomorrow than today. That’s the way that I’m working. We can’t compare years and we can’t compare levels. I believe I’m going in the right way.”

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