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CoupeRogers: Video Pre-Tournament Presser Quotes


"I feel lucky for all the things that have happened in these 10 years (in Canada)," "I've enjoyed these great moments. In general, it's been a fantastic 10 years for me and it's great to be back in Montreal where I won twice. It's a tournament that stays in my memory."

“It was a very positive week in Hamburg,” “It’s one of the weeks that I’m the most satisfied with. Even if I had some ups and downs, psychologically, I was solid. I hadn’t been able to do that this year. That’s how it should always be.”

“After my injury in 2012, it was practically a miracle for me,” said Nadal about his 2013 comeback. “This season, I had my moments—matches that I should have won but lost. I had the chance to feel good again. But I accept what happened.”

He added: “This year, physically, I feel good. I’m very positive, especially after my week in Hamburg.”

“It’s good to come back to Montréal,” he said. “The tournament will always be a memorable one for me. […] It was a great final with a lot of long, aggressive points. That match will always be special.”

"It's always about adapting your tennis. There's a different way of hitting the ball, but at the end of the day it's tennis. Hamburg had been a positive week for me. Mentally I was stable all week, something that I wasn't able to do very often this season. My mental powers have been up and down more. Hamburg was not the case and I'm working well.

"This season I had so many important moments and I had the chance to get positive feelings in matches that I lost."

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