Rafalinkage: August 28th 2015


Randy Brooke
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  • Rafael Nadal allegedly refused to play with Nick Kyrgios at John McEnroe’s charity event -
“I don’t understand very well why he said that, It is completely unnecessary. It is out of what a tennis match should be. Age is not an excuse. It’s just about respect. He was wrong."

  • Rafa Nadal searching for inner fire ahead of US Open -
"Losing matches, that’s part of my career, too,” Nadal said, adding that losing was something, “I have to accept now”.

  • Rafael Nadal’s Struggles Can Be Traced to His Serve -WSJ

  • Rafa Nadal vows passionate return to US Open -SMH
"The passion is there"
"Losing matches, that's part of my career, too," Nadal said, adding that losing was something "I have to accept now".

  • INTERVIEW: Rafael Nadal - The spotlight burns brightly as Spaniard heats up New York -Sport360

  • Rafa Nadal will stick with his long-term coach despite disappointing year - SkySports
    "I have (had) an amazing career with the team that I have today, the same team from the beginning," 
    "So my feeling is if something's not working well it's not because of your team, it's because of myself. The one thing I have to change is myself."

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