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Interview: Rafa Nadal & Tommy Hilfiger discuss eachother


How did this collaboration come about?

Rafael has been a personal friend and supporter of our brand for nearly 10 years. We are excited about this exclusive partnership, which brings one of the greatest athletes of this generation into our Tommy family.

What do you admire about Rafael?

I’m continually inspired by his dedication and passion for his sport; his ongoing commitment and motivation make him a fantastic role model.

What connection do you see between athletics and fashion?

Athletic clothes require functionality, comfort, and movement, and when designing my main collections I always keep these elements in mind. I want my clothes to be “modern classics,” but always comfortable and wearable.

How was the photoshoot with Rafael?

I think he approached it like he would a tennis match: calm, cool, and collected.

What do you like about Rafael’s sense of style?

Rafael’s style is effortless and really exemplifies our brand spirit – he’s fun and cool, and doesn’t take it too seriously.

Are you a fan of tennis?

It’s one of my favorite sports. I love to visit the US Open, Roland Garros, and the Monte-Carlo Rolex Masters in Monaco – that’s actually where I first met Nadal many years ago.

Do you play yourself?

Yes, but more for fun than anything competitive. We’ve always played tennis as a family sport with our children.

How did you come up with the idea to launch a fragrance with Rafael?

We wanted to complement the collection with a fragrance that reflects his passion, determination, and desire to live in the moment.

What’s the inspiration for your Fall 2015 Tommy Hilfiger Tailored collection?

The collection is rooted in my longstanding sources of inspiration: fashion, art, music, and entertainment, which I summarise with the acronym “F.A.M.E.”. It celebrates the best of American pop culture history, from iconic art and photography to the ‘50s jazz scene in New York City. The signature tailored look is refined and cool, with sophisticated tailoring and rich textures.

What do you look for in a global brand ambassador?

We look for role models who are confident in their style and reflect our brand heritage: classic and cool, with a fresh twist.

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