Interview: Rafa Nadal Gets Fashion Advise from Mom


When it comes to fashion Rafael Nadal gets advise from his mom

...and when she does not have time Rafael Nadal simply asks his new boss. Because the tennis professional has joined the ranks of models - as the new face of underwear for Tommy Hilfiger.
The top button of the bright white shirt is open. The skin underneath is sun kissed. The wavy hair is perfect. You cannot tell that tennis professional Rafael Nadal just finished training not long ago. The man from Mallorca is known for his 14 Grand Slam titles and a forehand that sends his opponents from one corner to the other. On the side he is now the new spokesperson for Tommy Hilfiger's new underwear and tailored collection. In addition he will market the new fragrance "TH Bold".
ICON: You once said that the first person you go to for fashion advise is your mother. Do you still get advise from her?
Rafael Nadal: When I am at home and not sure about my outfit I welcome my mom's advise. And it makes her happy when I ask for her opinion. Tommy helps as well when it comes to my ability to know what to wear to which occasion. Over the years I have come to appreciate this. When you are younger you usually don't care what you wear but now I am trying to dress appropriately for the occasion.
ICON: In the video for the underwear campaign you are only wearing briefs which you want to take off - pretty sexy.
Nadal: I don't know. Do you think so? (laughs)
ICON: How does it feel to walk down the street and see yourself half naked on a billboard?
Nadal: I don't think much about it. A campaign like this one helps me understand the world of modeling a bit more, the designs, the trends. I enjoy it. To present yourself to the world - half naked - is part of it.
ICON: What do your wear in your spare time?
Nadal: In private I like to be comfortable and relaxed. Jeans and a shirt, polo shirt or a T-Shirt. I feel good in that. But I also enjoy wearing a suit, for dinner for example.
ICON: You are known to be fashion conscious on the tennis court even though your look has changed.
Nadal: On the court everything is a bit more aggressive and powerful. I have always liked to be innovative, worn bright colors and, in the beginning, sleeveless long shirts. Over the years my lock has become more classic. But I still like the bright colors.
ICON: As a tennis player you see the whole world. Where do you like it best?
Nadal: As much as I like cities like Paris, Rome or New York, I am always drawn to the ocean. I love to be on the beach, in nature, much more than being in big cities. I come from an island, Mallorca. A life without the ocean is unthinkable for me.
Those who like his smile in the ad will enjoy the following video very much. It shows Nadal and his colleague Roger Federer trying to promote a charity tennis match, which ends in them cracking up:
(translated by Chris Boardman)

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