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"I know I don't have points to defend for rest of the year. Adding them will help to improve my ranking"

"I think it was a good match,"
"Only one bad game in the whole match at 5-4 with my serve in the first set. The rest was a positive match I think.
"The conditions were not easy today. A lot of wind (against) a player who don't want to play a lot of points from the baseline, so I tried to play the points shorter, going to the net, playing with slice. It was not an easy opponent to start."

"I prefer to be here with a victory; doesn't matter the way," "The important thing is winning. You have another opportunity tomorrow.
"This is a part of the season that I won zero points last year. Every match that I won are points that I add to the computer for my [Emirates ATP Ranking]. That's important for me today. Every victory is important for me. That was a good one. Let's try tomorrow."

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