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Cincy: Pre-Tournament Press Conference Photos/Quotes


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“Well it has been an important win for me; obviously it’s a title and a 500 title and at the same time to have the points for the computer (Emirates ATP Rankings) helps for this time of the year,”
“Last week was not a negative week in Montreal. I played OK. I played a quarter-final.”

“He played very aggressive and he played a great match,” Nadal said. “The first six games of the match were very tough for me. In a normal situation I should go 3-all, not 5-1, but that’s what happened … At the end of the match I was closer, but he was better than me that day, especially in the key moments.”

“I have been playing better than the beginning of the season the last couple of months I think even if I lost a few matches that I’m not happy with,” he said. “I have been playing a bit better but every week is a different story … and I know that the work when you are coming from a bad moment, the work is triple. It’s much more mental and tennis work than when you’re in a normal situation or in a good dynamic. So that’s what I’m accepting and doing to try to change the dynamic and to try to feel more confident and comfortable on court.”

“I hope I have a second part of the season that’s a little bit better than the first,” he said. “Obviously, the second part of the season is a little bit more difficult for me. We don’t have clay out there. For me, more than results, is finishing with the feeling that I did things better, that I was improving in my game.”

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