Nadal: 'Among all the negative I have been feeling better'


M. À. Canellas

The four step return of Rafael Nadal

Accept defeat, congratulate the opponent, analyze what happened and prepare the next challenges. These four steps are the manual for Rafael Nadal upon his return to Mallorca from Paris. The Spaniard has already taken the first two and prepares to rest a few days before taking the next two. Nadal accepts his defeat at Roland Garros highlighting the current superiority of Djokovic and confesses he is "happy" with the assurance that things "are going to get better."

The winner of nine Coupe des Mousquetaires is clear that he has accumulated more success in Paris than he could ever have imagined when he started building his career ten years ago. The situation of a farewell in the quarterfinals allows you to regroup.

 "I said it before, during and after the tournament: Roland Garros is neither my career nor are my options running out. There is a drastic change of gaining or losing" he says. "The life and career continue," he concludes.
"My worst moment was losing the final in Australia without being competitive last year. Now I've lost a quarter-final, he was better and we must accept his superiority yesterday -for the Wednesday- and in recent times, so I have to work to continue to improve,"  he says.
"I must follow the line of the last month and a half. I started the year with three months at a rather disastrous level on the tennis court, but I worked quietly and things are better and will get better," he says. "Among all the negative I have been feeling better, it was not a bad tournament in terms of level of play," he adds.
(translated by Chris Boardman)

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