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At the age of 27, he has already won eight times Roland Garros.

Paris Match. You give the impression to play each point as if it was a match point. How do you keep the same motivation after more than ten years in your career?

Rafael Nadal. Hard to say. My behavior on the court has changed, but not my desire to win. Actually, I especially do not want to lose!

But you have already gained so much ...

I want to feel again the emotions that provides the victory! And to achieve this result, one must have the desire to win anchored deep within oneself. If you have a flutter at this level, it is impossible.It's like a ball when you play: If it floats, it often comes out ...

Was it easier to win when you were young and carefree, compared with today?

Each year, every week even, is different. Last year, for example, I had to stop for seven months due to injury. And yet, when I came back, I gained more than I had ever won in previous seasons. In 2014, I won three tournaments, played two finals. It's not crazy compared to last year, but all in all it is not bad, right?

We would like that a Frenchmen has such a record, in fact ... The joy of victory or the pain of defeat have they changed over time?

Not exactly. At 20, we say that we have the life ahead. Soon I will be 28 years old, I know that I did not have a decade of career ahead. If I miss a Grand Slam, I do not know how long it will catch up to me. Young defeats were like buildings that collapsed on me. Today, I understand that they are part of life. One player wins at the end of each tournament; all others have in fact experienced failure. Defeat is like a friend who accompanies you throughout the year. Let's say you do not want to have dinner with her ​​too often ...

The rivalry with Roger Federer, a bit on the decline, missing it?

If I am fortunate to belong to the history of this sport, it is partly thanks to my antagonism with Roger and now with Novak Djokovic. Roger was particularly seen our opposition of styles: he was the flamboyant striker, me the hard defender.

Him or you, who is the greatest player in the history of tennis?

It's very simple. The answer lies in the number of Grand Slam tournaments won by each. He won 17, I'm 13. So he is the greatest player in history.

But you won more often against "the greatest player in history" you have beaten him [23-10] ...
It is also a factor to be taken into consideration, indeed ...

Interview: ParisMatch 

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