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Rafael Nadal signs with Mueller Sports Medicine


Photo: GettyImages

Rafael Nadal has signed a three year contract with Mueller Sports Medicine he has officially joined The Mueller Pro Team. The contract states Rafa Nadal will have to endorsing Mueller’s Pro Strips abrasion control products.

Rafa Nadal has been seen wearing Mueller Pro Strips around each of his fingers on his left hand. He says that he must wear them to protect his skin from blistering and tearing during a match. Rafa Nadal also has been quoted as saying that applying the strips is part of his crucial pre-match ritual.

Pro Strips are pressure-sensitive mesh strips available in rolls or pre-cut shapes that help protect against turf burns, scrapes and blisters.

“We are thrilled to have Rafael Nadal join our Pro Team,” Brett Mueller, president of Mueller Sports Medicine, said. “To have one of the greatest players of all time use our product without an endorsement is the real story here. Rafa has been wearing Mueller Pro Strips for years before we reached out to him. We welcome him whole heartedly to the Mueller Sports Medicine team.”


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