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Rafa Nadal on CNN Interview


Rafael Nadal admits 'I had doubts' before U.S. Open triumph
"Sure I had doubts, everyone has doubts," said the 27-year-old Mallorcan.
"When you are injured you doubt if you going to be able to come back and play at 100%."
"When you are coming back after low moments victories are all the more special and more emotional,"
"I enjoy it now because in a few years I won't have the chance to play like I did in the U.S. Open final."
"We need our knees, without our knees it is impossible to play well, sometimes I still have pain, but the most important thing is that at the moment I am able to play without limitations,"
"When you are a kid you are able to play with a different style, crazy jumping and all that,"
"That moment has passed but my love and passion for the game is still the same."

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