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Kia invites you to meet Rafa Nadal and Jose Manuel Calderon


Kia invites you to meet Rafa Nadal and Jose Manuel Calderon

From Kia  want to thank all our followers and fans on social networks support you give us every day, and for this, we want to give a chance to  meet your idols  being journalists for a day.
On Friday, May 3 KIA will hold a press conference in which  Rafael Nadal and Jose Manuel Calderon , will tell us about their seasons, as well as unveiling a surprise.
That day we want  10 you accompany us , so we've launched the " Meet your idols ". The  requirements to participate  are simple:
  1. Being  Kia Spain follower  on Twitter ( @ kiamotorsiberia ).
  2. Get a  mention  telling us why you want to meet Rafa Nadal or Jose Calderon,  accompanied by one of these hashtags : " # conoceaNadal "or" # conoceaCalderón ". Example : " @ kiamotorsiberia: Rafa's been my idol all small and I playing tournaments in Spain. # ConoceaNadal ".
  3. A committee of three senior Iberia Kia Motors will select the 10 most original comments (five of five of Calderon Rafa).
  4. The deadline for entries is  Thursday, May 2 at 12:00 pm , and the winners will have to confirm your attendance before 18:00 pm of the same day, or you happen to contact a deputy.
  5. Moving to Madrid for the event would be borne by the participants.
In summary, to participate you must follow and mention us in your comment by adding one of the hashtags mentioned. Participate !

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