The world watches as Rafa Nadal take a bath


Today - yes, this very day - Rafa's bath spills over onto the internet with his new PokerStars advert where the King of Clay takes on pillow fight runner-up Lucia Arroyo in a heads-up tussle online. It's a match on a level playing field, albeit a playing field that involves a bath, a library and good Wi-Fi connections. (You can play PokerStars on mobile devices, just in case you didn't know.)

"I play on PokerStars because I love competition - the battle of minds, and that is what this advertisement is all about," said Rafa Nadal.
Too right, Rafa. It's just a shame you couldn't hero-fold those aces.

What you've just seen is a sneak-preview of the 30 second advert which will hit TV screens around the world over the next couple of weeks (although for most it's 8 April). To coincide with the advertising campaign, PokerStars is also launching a deposit bonus for new players. Eligible deposits will be rewarded, by PokerStars, with extra funds added to player accounts. Keep your eyes open for that one, too.

Rafa vs. Lucia - via Pokerstars

Source: PokerStars

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