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Benito: Nadal's Success is Based on HardWork


Nadal's success is based on hard work and simplicity: Benito Perez

ACAPULCO, February 27-Rafael Nadal has become in recent years an icon and is already a tennis immortal adding seven Roland Garros titles, a historical record, and eight titles in a row in the Masters 1000 in Monte-Carlo, something unthinkable before the arrival of the Spanish.
However, off-court Rafa is a type of simple, hardworking and a good friend with his nearest group.
Benito Pérez Barbadillo, representative of the former one in the world, highlighted some of its features out of the courts.
"He is a very normal person,  he doesn't feel like a big star or behave like a big star, in fact it's quite the contrary," said Perez Barbadillo. "He is a person with his feet on the ground, knows very well where he is, he knows very well where he will be tomorrow, is an excellent person. I think that it is very good, to be so attentive to people, with his level of position."
"When it comes to work, he's the one who decides, all I do is carry out a series of strategies we have set out for ourselves and, I can tell you, he's a very good person, a person who is very appreciative of those who do their work very well, to tell the truth I'm very very lucky to work with someone like Rafa."

Perez Barbadillo was previously director of communications for the ATP, and was later a representative of Nadal and at the same time of the Serbian Novak Djokovic, by when both fought for the top of the world rankings, the representative had to decide to leave one of the two.
"For Rafa it was compatible but at one particular moment Novak thought it wasn't, so I had to choose and we came to an agreement. I have a very good relationship with Novak, but would always prefer to work with a fellow countryman and with a person I started out with rather than him," said Benito, who also spoke about what both tennis players are like.
"They are very different in every way. Rafa is a person with a great deal of charisma, and not someone who has to work at his popularity a lot. Rafa doesn't have to work at it, he's already got it, and Novak works at it more."
"They are both good people and very intelligent. I don't think there's anyone at this level of being so good who's not intelligent, that's Rafa's case and Novak's," he explained.

To be again one of the ATP, Nadal knows that work is the basis of success, although, by now, and because the subject of the knee injury that surpassed a few weeks ago, the work has declined, but his ambition to be the best remains latent.

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