Rafa Nadal: Interview Part II


"In hard court I run no more now than Djokovic"

Chapter (II) Rafael Nadal Parera (26 years) has not competed since his loss to Lukas Rosol, the last 28 at Wimbledon in June. In national exclusive, detailed Nadal AS details of your injury and recovery.

You said, Rafael Nadal, who has been 'trained to withstand pain', but when 'you start to think about how you have to put your leg when you start and you go for the ball ... then it is impossible to compete '.Does this mean that after this break, you may need to remodel your court and change the way you play ...?

That would be a mistake. When and how would it do? I cannot change to the age of 26. My style of play is one that is, is not remove and volley, or a service such as the Isner I have to stay in the games with aces. I can volley two or three times, but I can not be all the time yendome to the network.Over the years I've been playing more aggressive and I have improved the position on the track. I read better things in the game. I feel tempted to make drastic changes.

But it still has a high physical requirement, which seems to influence you in many things...

I run much less than before, and I would say that it is because I play better tennis. It is the only way to win, followed, tournaments such as Monte Carlo, Rome and Roland Garros. And by what I saw and felt in those tournaments, now on the court I do not run more than Djokovic. In fact, winning such tournaments as I did this year is something that is not only based on running, is it not...?

Aside from the game itself, do may wish to limit  appearances in tournaments of fast track on hard surfaces?

Hard courts are very harmful for my body: back, knees and ankles. But, it mmm... I can not stop playing on hard courts when two Grand Slams (Australia and USA) tournaments are played on that surface. I know that, although wrong, this sport is moving in that direction. This is a business and these courts are easier to build than the grass or clay. But there is an error with this. I'm sure at 100% of what I say: I do not see football or basketball players who are so fast moving sports, playing on tracks so hard and negative for the body. It have been saying many years and hundreds of times before the ATP. But this will no longer change: not for me... not for my generation.

In short, can you see force to change new plans on your calendar?

You can play more than before on clay and I focus more on this surface. It is no longer so easy at this point: I do not know if there are many more options.

Aside from the injury itself, is it possible to accept that their physical performance is no longer to be of yesteryear?

Perhaps do not give the same physical level as I had in 2004, 05, 06, 08 and 10... What do I know.Something is always lost, but this does not scare me. I'm not stupid. I always knew that you have to make progress on other things and I think that what has been done. I have kept eight years between the first two of the ranking on the ATP tour, at the top of the competition. Or four months ago not that I won at Roland Garros after one of the best seasons of my life on Earth. I have motivation and confidence. Why was he going to change everything in five months? Why I won't again still the same?

Years and vital perspectives change.

But you cannot look at tennis as if it were a business. You have to do it with passion, I don't know of another way, so I've done all my life. I work as hard as I can to recover the knee every day.And I've been 20 years with a passionate and demanding coach my uncle Toni, who makes you train in the afternoon if it has rained in the morning, or going to training from Friday to Saturday, if it continues raining...

Expanding that point, is it possible to think that a school has defined special nuances that is what has led to the Spanish courts to be as high as a benchmark?

I do not think there is a Spanish school. Yes we have to play good tennis, very good weather and a tradition to practice nearly any sport in many parts of Spain. Many people strongly committed, good coaches that you require, as does my uncle Toni ... if we did not have all that, then there would be less chance of good players leave.

All those good players who, even without Rafa Nadal, have given with Spain in its ninth final of Davis Cup, seventh since 2000. Does it motivate especially reappear in the imminent end of Czech Republic?

I already wanted to play from the quarter-finals but I couldn't because the knee would not allow me to. Now I don't know when I can return and in the case of the Davis, would depend on two things: the State of the knee and that I was ready to compete to an extent such that convince the captain, Àlex Corretja. It was not my decision. Sometimes we lose perspective, because tennis is an individual sport... and the Davis is a team competition.  It is at all times do what's best for the team.

Develop that reflection.

-For example, the same Federer has spent whole years without playing with Switzerland and has only been in the last round. They thought it was the best. Now, Almagro has played every round with Spain, but if the captain said that the final should play from another, I think that Almagro should be happy anyway, as all the players who helped the team reach the final... or lift the trophy.I would be happy to live the atmosphere of the team. Now I can not say more.

You surprised something in particular and from the outside about how these months have been developed on the ATP circuit?

I can't say that I have been surprised. Federer, who has managed to keep the number one, Djokovic and Murray have been in control of things, playing the semi-finals and finals. David Ferrer has been playing amazing, deserves more and not yet had that window need you to have a look at the top. David had bad luck with the suspension of the semifinal of the US Open before Djokovic. It had to happen at the worst time for him. Murray seems to have taken the confidence that was missing before. It's good for tennis that Andy has now risen to the highest level.

Have you support in recent months by your fellow ATP colleagues?

It makes me happy to have received SMS (texts) practically from all. I hope to be able to thank them: later, in Australia.

- And 'his' Real Madrid...

Mmm... What Mourinho is very difficult: is mental maintain the ambition of all, each year, and at full intensity. But where a team like Real Madrid WINS really is the mental part. I think that they can decide matches with FC Barcelona.


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