Interview with Rafa Nadal doctors: EDUARDO ANITUA & MIKEL SÁNCHEZ


"Nadal recovered well, this is not a relapse"

How this technique can speed the recovery of an athlete?

Sanchez: It depends on the patient and the tissues in elite athletes typically tend to be in poorer quality because of wear and tear. At a muscular level, can be accelerated by 30% of the time schedule. This treatment prevents relapses.

What does it consist of?

Sanchez: With plasma, is it stimulates cells to manufacture tissue. An athlete who spends more tissue than normal, probably has the degenerative lesions in some areas. (The PRGF-Endoret method is based on blood draw, centrifuge to concentrate proteins after separating the part "that does not help the regeneration of tissue" and infiltrate in the tendon or muscle damage).

At the beginning there was their reluctance

Anitua: With the support of the Spanish Agency COE Doping and get all the arguments presented to the IOC in Lausanne, in a meeting last, where we teach biological principles and results. Unanimously decided to send a letter to the World Anti-Doping Agency said it had nothing to do with doping. They took the baton and within 24 hours it removed from the list of prohibited substances. In London in 2012, most countries have applied routinely.

How did Rafa Nadal come to you?

Sanchez: Well, in 2010 with poorly evolved quadriceps tendinopathy, with low athletic performance and after trying numerous treatments. We apply this technique and had a very quick recovery.

Are you also treating him now that he's confronted with his longest period out of action through injury?

Sanchez: Yes That the old injury is completely healed and this one now is new. Nothing to do with the other. (Have a partially torn patella tendon and inflammation of Hoffa's fat left knee).
Anitua: This is not a relapse, but something entirely different and new. The root cause, in Rafa, as in other athletes, is the massive overburdening.

Agassi left once a well-remembered phrase 'He's writing checks his body can't cash', because of his very aggressive style of play. Do you agree?

Sanchez: These checks have been well spent, has won many titles. Elite sport is never healthy.

You both dined with him and the King in Mallorca. Nadal goes crazy if he doesn't play. How did you find him?

Sanchez: Fine, because he is a very sensible person and is making every effort to get back on track.
Anitua: Rafa visited us before the Olympic Games because he wanted to recover to play at them. It made a huge illusion to be the flag bearer. But the injury he had then was something that had not been prolonging to stop competing. Now is in excellent spirits and with a great desire to heal.

What condition will he be in when he returns?

Sanchez: We're just doctors. We have no crystal ball. But this is only a setback nothing more. Again compete without problems because the knee joint is perfect.

The Doctors:


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