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The last we know of Rafa Nadal is that, outside the tracks of tennis, competing in golf tournaments... and has also become a good poker player.

How the latter is given.?

I have 3.9 handicap in golf. Poker is a special game in which you have to be focused all the time. You enjoy and gives you a chance to think. It is fine when you have free time off the track.

Is it also a personal trainer in poker?

Ja, ja ... I have a personal trainer but can not be like my uncle Toni in tennis, of course. What I have attempted is also my own style, aggressive and with a good mind control. Yes look at tennis and poker, the importance of the mental side.

What is your current status in the recovery process that leads to the injury in his left knee and what are their chances of eventual return before the end of 2012?

I am working hard, but I do on the tennis court, swimming sessions and rehabilitation in the gym and with my physiotherapist. I do weight training, cycling ... I want to recover to the point where I was before the injury: I had a great tennis season. I swim a mile every day at sea with wetsuit: it floats better. The knee is responding well but my only priority is to reappear when the knee is 100%. The only reality about my options reappear before 2013 is ... I do not know.

Although we know that does not bring good memories, could detail the process of your injury and how it ends up making you miss the Olympics and the U.S. Open?Does Rosol injured before? How does it happen?

No Rosol about ... Rosol or after, because I do not return to play. In the 1000 Indian Wells Masters in March, I have a partially torn tendon in his left knee. It is a small breakage. But after that break is when I have to retire in the semifinals in Miami. Start the clay court season and patching are: infiltration and treatment. I do not know if I had to stop there, but I stand the pain very well and start playing what has been one of the best seasons of clay in my life. Until the arrival of Roland Garros ...

Y. ..

As I say, I was playing unbelievable. One of the best Roland Garros in my career, I do not know if the best. And that really starts to hurt. I still play, of course, because it's Roland Garros and I have to treat with anti-inflammatories to play semifinals and final, if they wanted to have opportunities to do so. I do not know what would have happened if not treated at Roland Garros ....

It goes to the grass at Halle, where he clearly does not move and Butt loses to Kohlschreiber ... and reaches after Wimbledon.

In Halle and was wrong, was limited, but there still hoped to recover for Wimbledon. Then, between Halle and Wimbledon, workouts become terrible: the pain in his left knee. Maybe I should have stopped there, because the workouts and had become so bad he could barely train ... but came Wimbledon. There I go and play with infiltrations from the first round, otherwise, would have been impossible. It might have had to stop after Roland Garros. Surely, he would have done well in other circumstances, but the tournament was Wimbledon coming and I always want to play there: is Wimbledon.

And here we go: beats Bellucci and Rosol reaches second round, the last day until today when Rafael Nadal stepped on a track in high competition: the June 28, 2012 in the Centre Court of the All England ....

There comes a time when your knees say you have to stop, and when pain limits you. As I say, I have always stood the pain, but there comes that moment, that day Rosol, where you start to think about how you have to put your leg when you start and you go for the ball. After Indian Wells had endured with infiltrations and everything else. After Roland Garros, and basically I could not have continued playing. But to get to that point of pain I described, then ... then it is impossible to compete.
(When Rafael Nadal remembers these sequences, your face appears a face that mixes pain, disappointment and bitterness and that is so hard to describe ... like to see at any other time).

Despite everything, Rafa, even makes an attempt to almost in desperation to get to the Olympic Games in London: was the standard bearer of Spain.

Losing the Olympics was very hard and very sad. It was a difficult decision and it was made more complicated by the fact that the champion. Ranking loss does not affect me: you can recover. If you miss a Grand Slam tournament, you know there will be more opportunities coming. The four majors are each year. But the Olympics are once every four years. Not sure what will happen in four years. I do not like to miss this opportunity. But I have enough motivation to keep trying: This injury has not ended anyone's career. I won at Roland Garros. I'm not scared.

Forget the evils. How appreciated from outside this most recent stretch of the season? Let's talk about Davis Cup and the team of Spain, already in the final before the Czech Republic, from the explosion of Andy Murray...

What I can say for Davis? I'm happy for the team. All are great friends and have made a great effort. Especially, I am happy for David Ferrer, who has been a fantastic season. It also makes me happy that Andy Murray has won her first Grand Slam tournament. It scarcely by Ivan Lendl.Andy had already played four finals in the last three or four years and he deserved it. When you're in the finals is already looking forward to the best: you there. I do not know how this win will change New York, plus the Olympics. Normally, when you reach this point is easier to repeat.

Will we see Nadal in Davis, in the Czech Republic, in November? There, in 2004, in Brno, a boy of 17 years began to forge a myth: it was Rafael Nadal.

They were my first big emotions. It was unforgettable It's funny: the Czechs have almost the same team, with Berdych and Stepanek. Lack Jiri Novak, who beat me then. But we both put a track or faster than Brno, which was not even approved. In Davis you have to consider what is best for the team. You have to play the best for the team at all times. It's as if Messi does not play all year and reaches the final of the Champions League itself is fine. What are you doing? I wanted to play this year and I could not. I do not see how here less than two months I can be the best for the team. Now, the best example is the daily lesson.
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