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Rafa Nadal pulls out of ALMA NADAL


Take a look at the left knee it has 3 puncture holes.. and I guess his knees where an issue then too Rafa just doesn't make it an issue until it's too late..after this statement where he has pulled out of ALMA NADAL. It should be pretty obvious that his condition is worse. Get well Soon Champ!

Facebook Statemement:
Quiero pedir disculpas a todos, debido a una lesión en el tendón no podré jugar contra Novak en Alma Nadal. Aquí dejo mis disculpas, en particular a todos aquellos que habían comprado entradas para esta buena causa.

I want to apologize to all, I suffer a tendinitis and I can't to play against Novak for Alma Nadal. I share with you my apologies, in particular to the fans that had already purchased a ticket to such a good cause. 

Official Statement:
Due to medical reasons, Rafa Nadal was forced to announce that you can not participate in the charity match NADAL ALMA, which was to play along with Novak Djokovic on 14 July at the Santiago Bernabeu. According to Ana Maria Parera, president of the Foundation Rafa Nadal, "we feel very much not being able to meet so many thousands of people to date had already purchased their entry." Ana Maria Parera also wanted "to thank, once again, the unconditional support of the public and sponsors, from day one have turned to this charity match to boost the activity of the Foundation and the Foundation Realmadrid Rafa Nadal". On Meanwhile Enrique Sanchez, executive vice president of the Foundation Realmadrid, also regretted the suspension of the meeting while wished "a speedy recovery of Rafa. From here we give all our love, support and recognition. We are convinced that fans will enjoy this historic meeting soon, and thus continue to provide maximum support to projects supportive of both foundations. " 

Foundations Novak Djokovic thank their willingness and recognize their great size human to play unselfishly accept and want to announce soon a new date for holding NADAL ALMA. The Spanish tennis player also wanted to apologize for the suspension of the appointment: "I apologize to everyone, especially to fans who had bought many tickets for this cause so good, but regrettably we can not play the exhibition ALMA NADAL in Madrid in the Bernabeu on 14 July. Doctors have been looking at my knee and tell me that I suffer from tendinitis in the patellar tendon and I have to be 15 days of rest, which makes it impossible to play with Novak Djokovic as we planned and announced. On Monday I was with the medical treatment and recovery began with the aim also being eligible for the Olympics in London and re- represent Spain. As I say, my first thought is for fans who already bought tickets, but also my thanks and apologies to Novak Djokovic selflessly coming from this event, as well as Realmadrid Foundation has worked with both the team of my foundation for everything to go well. We will try to find a new date for this show later. Now combine my recovery with a mini-vacation and will return to training in 15 days. Once again thank you all. Rafa Nadal ".


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