Rafalinkage: RG12 Racquet, Postcode Lottery, Practice, & More..


Srsly playing catch up ..apologize if you all have heard the news earlier.. Rafa has been busy in the last few days...
DIARIODEMALLORCA.ES / EFE.PALMA tennis player Rafael Nadal said today that the "feelings" about his left knee injury which forced him to leave in the middle of the 1000 Masters tournament in Miami, are "right and good", although the time has been "fair" with the preparation of the next tournament in Monte Carlo.

At an official act in his hometown of Manacor, the tennis player said he had practiced on court this morning for the first time since his injury in Miami a fortnight ago.

"It's all about doing a bit more each day," said Nadal, who admitted he will have little time for on court practice before his first match in Monte Carlo next Wednesday.

Nadal was categorical about his chances of winning the Monte Carlo Masters 1000: "Right now my options are for practicing tomorrow; at the moment, winning or not depends on many things, such as if I'm physically fit and on my technical level," as well as the state of his knee.

"All I can do is work as well and as hard as I can and hope things turn out well," he added.
Source: DiarioDeMallorca

  • Rafa Nadal in this month's ESPN Magazine feature on the The 5th major you can read the article online at the link.
    • Rafa has resumed training on Wednesday ..a few photos of Rafa practicing via

      • There are some photos via Blog Rafa Nadal Obsession took with Rafa, She went to a Real Mallorca football match toured the Manacor Tennis Club, gave small presents to Rafa, met his cousins and Maymo. You can follow her on Twitter

      Practice footage via

      Rafael Nadal talks about the Postcode Lottery.

      Learn how it works..

      Longer version of KIA ad

      Rafa uploads this video on his Official Youtube account
      Kia ProCee'd Rafa Nadal

      Does anyone care to bid? You can do so on EBAY

      Rafa also posted a video on his return to practice & a Thank you to Novak Djokovic Also in Spanish


      • After the video posted by Babolatworld via youtube that Rafa might be using a special racquet for his Roland Garros 2012 title defense..


      "The objective of this exhibition match is to set a spectator record for a game of tennis, exceeding 80,000," the nine-times European champions said on their website.

      Two photos of Rafa practicing via

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