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Nadal: I will never say I'm the best ever in history


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The Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal poses with the trophy of the Montecarlo Masters after winning the final against the Serbian player Novak Djokovic in Roquebrune Cap Martin (France), April 22, 2012. Nadal prevailed 6-3 and 6-1. 

Interview By Sebastian Fest (dpa)

Montecarlo, 22 Apr (dpa) - the debate resurfaces every time that a new milestone added to his impressive career in tennis on clay, but Rafael Nadal Spanish is clear that their lips are sealed: is it ever heard say he is the best of the history on the surface.

"I'm not going to ever say that I am the best in history, I am not so arrogant as to say this", said the Agency world tennis number two dpa after conquering for the eighth consecutive tournament of Monte Carlo and put an end to his streak of seven late to the thread lost with the Serbian Novak Djokovic.

Any tennis player in history added eight consecutive titles in the tournament of the Principality, one of the greatest tradition in tennis. The Swede Bjorn Borg, owner of six titles of Roland Garros as Nadal, already "declared" this week the Spanish of 25 years as the best player he ever saw on clay. But Nadal, who in a month will seek his seventh trophy in Paris, brand never achieved in the professional era, does not want to enter into that debate.

DPA: ever more voices indicate it as the best of the history in tennis on clay. When are you going to admit you?

Nadal: Not what I have until the end of not my career. First, because, It's not I that it has to admit, but the specialists who know the history of tennis. I will never say that I'm the best in history, I am not so arrogant as to tell you this, not I consider myself the right person to say so. If Borg says it, super happy and grateful for it, but for that you are to wonder that you have to look at the history of tennis. Journalists have to analyze who was worse, who was better. I am active, I can not read my story.

DPA: falling in seven consecutive finals before a player is something that not had happened never in his career, only with Novak Djokovic. Today cut streak, does change the perspective of the season?

Nadal: It is to break a negative inertia, and always that mentally helps you address the party in a different way when you get to play. But one can not have a bad year perspective when he has played four tournaments and final fact of the Australia Open against Djokovic, not against another player. I then did semi finals in Indian Wells and Miami. Prospects were more or less good yesterday, they are better today, but I like not look for radical changes when one WINS or when one loses. I consider myself a stable person both emotionally as in general. If this changes to positive? Yes, change a little positive, no doubt, but always with calm, accepting the victories and defeats calmly.

DPA: If the tie exist in tennis, the end of Australia could well have ended no winner. But you lost. There are sweet losses or are all defeats?

Nadal: No, losses are not all equal, much less. In Australia I went home satisfied, I lost, but I, sportingly speaking, and at the end and the place I love the sport, gave all he had to win the game. That I was a ball that was decisive as the shot of the 4-2 passing 30-15 in the fifth set? That this could be giving me the title? Yes, but not I'm going to accuse this after five hours and fifty and peak minutes fighting, suffering, giving everything, living with passion. You don't win, but you go home happy because you have reached your limit. The defeat of Wimbledon (at the end of 2011 before Djokovic) was change painful because he had played very well until the end and in that game was not at the level I was.

DPA: Monte Carlo is not more important than Roland Garros, but need to win to win in Paris?

Nadal: Without previously winning is much more difficult to win Roland Garros, but you can. I did so last year losing in the finals of Madrid and Rome against Djokovic, while it is true that he had won in Monte Carlo. You need confidence to give when you encares the tournament more pressure you the tranquility of having won. The tournament today helps you have a tad (a little) better feelings, nothing more than that.

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Translations: Rafaholics.com

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