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Granollers: It's a dream playing Olympic Games with Nadal


Marcel Granollers: "It's a dream that Nadal can count on me for the Olympic Games"

Something catches the attention quickly of Marcel Granollers (Barcelona, ​​1986). At one point in the conversation between Davis Cup and Olympic Games, are the three titles that shine in their curriculum. Displaying a remarkable memory, Marcel recited one by one the exact results of the sleeves final she faced in the conquest of the three scepters. Have them recorded in the soul because they are the best moments of his life in the elite. The Catalan player, who combines his participation in singles and doubles in the circuit, is the man chosen to team up for Nadal at the meeting in London. A unique opportunity to make history.

P. You value the quarter-final against Austria?
R. It was a tough tie. After Friday's 2-0, with matches quite comfortable, the doubles point was not as expected. They played a tad better than us and the tie at 2-1 was again hard. Good thing David did a great match against Melzer and was able to win.
P. Are you satisfied with the doubles?
R. Yes It was a typical Davis Cup. A long match that took a bit of everything. We started well and they recovered after playing a good standard. The fourth set was very tight on September 1. I think I could have won both they and we. In the end, fell from his hand and lost, but both Marc and I gave everything and we hope to pay the next time at that level.
P. U.S. hopes in the semifinals.
R. Far from it will be easy. United States has a great team. He has won Switzerland and France were on clay. Have Isner, who is in a great shape and Fish, which if nothing could be stranger too. In addition, Roddick could summon. And have the best double couple in the world. So it will be a difficult tie. At each point will be to stop and try to play the most.
P. Will you keep the same partner Corretja doubles semifinals?
R. We can not know us. It is a question for the captain. Marc and I are going to play together all these tournaments are on clay and try to do my best. We need to make our daily work. There is still plenty of time to the semifinals of Davis Cup, which will attend the four most deserving at that time.
P. Doubles with Nadal at the Olympics. How the opportunity arises?
R. Rafa told me he wanted to play with me. It is my dream to be in the Olympics and a player like Rafa thinks of me for you in London. I am excited and motivated for that appointment. I hope everything goes ok.
P. Did you expect?
A. No. It was a dream. It's very exciting to go to London because it is very difficult to play the Olympics. He has appeared this opportunity and I am very grateful to Rafa for thinking of me to accompany him.
P. Do you have more pressure to play with him?
R. It has to be. Rafa is a very close. I know him since we were ten years because we are of the same age. As children we agree in many tournaments together and we have represented Spain at youth level. I believe there is more pressure to play with him. We played in Miami and were comfortable as a pair. If you compete in another tournament acoplaremos us better and will all too well.
P. What can you improve?
R. Clearly, the more games we play together all will be much better. In doing so, you know a little better what you enjoy doing to your partner. We have to play a game more, but the first tournament in Miami was positive. There we played a great first meeting and the second a tad worse, but rivals also gave a good level. For the Olympic Games and it is quite a different surface, so we'll see.
P. Nadal said after the Miami loss that you put in a very small track.
R. The first day we played on center court, but in the second round put us on another track that was smaller. It seemed that everything was going much faster. I think the track was a tad faster than the plant. They gave us a lot of rhythm, got well and hit very hard from behind. There was virtually no trade. It was a strange game, everything was fast and they ended up taking the victory.
P. ¿You shall play before London?
R. In principle we will play in Halle. It's a good tournament to do so because they dispute the same area as the Olympic Games. They play together again.
R. Even individual can qualify for the Olympics.
R. I hope so. Unfortunately, I have not started too well the year in singles. I have not managed to score lots of points, so I've alienated some to classify. Mathematically I have options, and now get enough big tournaments. Will be decided at this time. Those who manage to get better results will be those who go to London. When tournaments are more good points and adding more option.
P. ¿Participarías mixed doubles?
R. Clear. Play the Olympics is a dream. The more evidence you can play better for me.
P. What is the key?
R. I've never played mixed doubles. I would not know very well, but between us we know a lot. We agree with the Spanish girls in many tournaments and that's important. When I can explain the key plays I have not yet debuted in that mode.
P. Marc Lopez told us that would like to be with you steady partner during the season. Is it possible?
R. Yes, each time we are playing more tournaments together. This year we played Rotterdam, Acapulco and now we play all the tournaments on clay. We are both happy playing together because we are great friends, and that helps to play doubles. The only problem is that it becomes more difficult to play well in singles, but would be delighted to partner with Marc in each tournament.
P. Is not excessive wear play both ways?
R. Obviously, if the individual would play only a bit more rested. But I love playing doubles. It is an object do well in that mode and I wish I could win a big tournament in doubles. I'm used to since I started playing at combining single and double and I will continue doing. In addition, play helps me face the individual.
P. Which do you prefer?
R. The two I like. You achieve satisfaction in singles and doubles solo you share everything, good and bad feelings. By having a partner, the fold is a little easier to cope when the bad times. But I like the two modalities.
P. Talk about your three titles. All were resolved in the final set of tightly. How do you tip the scales at the time?
R. I do not know why. When you reach the third set in a situation as adjusted for a final anything can happen. The final three were won by tight results. Grueling matches. When you get to that point you have to play with everything: with heart and head. Also keep a bit of luck because in the end the title is decided by some points.
P. Is it a goal to lift a trophy again in 2012?
R. Hopefully it arrives. No more nice feeling for a player to win a tournament, but it is very complicated. In 2011, I was lucky to win two, but ultimately this is difficult. I would love to repeat and live such a feeling, but I do not know when it will arrive. You have to work very hard every day. If you do, they end up leaving things.
P. What can you develop your range of shots?
R. I can improve on all shots. The service is basic in my game and I'm getting better little by little, but I'd be a much more regular. Sometimes with a great level on my serve but I can not be regular at all. I would love to serve and promote the right. And of course, to play more aggressive, which is what I have achieved at times when I have achieved good results.

P. How do you see from your position in the circuit to Djokovic, Nadal and Federer?
R. They are one level above the rest. We show each week. Always reach the final rounds of the tournament and lost very few games during the year. Are players going to make a tennis history. Obviously, it is difficult to meet them.
P. Murray Is it part of that story?
R. Murray is being very regular lately. He played three Grand Slam finals and has reached as many semi-finals. We need to win a Grand Slam, but Murray is a terrific player and very young. In the end, end up winning a big title. For me, it is among the top four.
P. You have friends at youth level and know the situation. Is there relief in the Spanish tennis?
R. There is indeed over. There are young people who are achieving good results and rising. But what we are experiencing right now is very difficult to repeat. Having a Rafa Nadal, David Ferrer a, a Nico Almagro ... all these players together is unlikely to happen. But there are good players no doubt.
Q. We talked in Spain have a top ten of the world?
R. It is very difficult to put a number. This is demonstrated every day through hard work and sacrifice. So many people struggle through it. Seeing a player and say it will be such number has been done rarely.
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