SEOpen: 2nd Rd Presser Transcript



March 23, 2012

Rafael Nadal


R. NADAL/S. Giraldo
6‑2, 6‑0

THE MODERATOR:  Questions, please.

Q.  Do you feel it was an easy night tonight, very easy?
RAFAEL NADAL:  I never feel an easy match at this high level of competition, no?  No one match is easy, no, even the score was very easy.
Because 6‑2, 6‑Love is a big difference in the score but not in the tennis, no?  Every point, you have to fight every point.  Every point is tough.  You have to find solutions every moment.
And Giraldo is a very dangerous player, no?  He hit the ball very hard at the beginning of the match.  I thought it's gonna be a very difficult match, no, 2‑All, Love‑30, anything can happen.
Later I came back in that game with few good serves.  I think after that I didn't have mistakes.  I played very solid match with no mistakes.
You know, when I had the chance to hit the ball with my forehand, I did.  I think I did a very good match.

Q.  Do you feel extra pressure in Miami because you've come close as a finalist but have not won here yet?  Do you feel more important to win in this tournament?
RAFAEL NADAL:  No.  I answered the other day.  But, no, the answer is no.  I try my best in every tournament, you know.  I believe that almost every 1000 tournament are the same.
Every one is very important.  It's true for the Latin crowd, that makes this tournament very, very special.  I would love to win one time in my career, but I did well.  I played three finals; I lost all three.  I played, I believe, quarterfinals few times, too.
So I am here, and I'm gonna try my best for another year.  But seriously, I don't feel more pressure here than the last week in Indian Wells, no?

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