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IW: Quarterfinal Match Photos


Nadal Sets SemiFinals Showdown With Federer it's their 28th meeting and we have yet to tire of these two great champions testing their will against each other. I for one am thrilled every time they meet. They are each others rival & no other tennis player can compete or compare to the magic that they have when they meet across the net.

World Number 2 Rafael Nadal Federer but only after battling past Argentine David Nalbandian 4-6, 7-5, 6-4 on Saturday afternoon in Indian Wells. Below are some of my favorite photos of the match. Enjoy Rafaholics!

Federer-Nadal Head to Head

“They’re always special matches, especially because they’re always are in very important matches for both of us,” said Nadal. “That always makes the match very special. But even if it's not the final, being in the semi-finals is an important match. 
“Playing against Roger always means a little bit more than against the rest of the opponents because I am playing probably against the best of the history, and because I played probably the most important matches of my career against him and probably him against me. That's why it makes the match a little bit more special than the rest.”
“Couple mistakes by him, and I played a good game with at 6-5 to close the second set,” assessed Nadal. “It was a change. I think I started the third well. He looked a little bit more tired, but the end of the match was close again. With the 5-4 and 15/40 the match was there, very close, and anything can happen.”

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