Rafalinkage: Busy Weeks ahead for Rafa Nadal...


My body has given out on me today whether its the vigorous workouts Im doing, lack of sleep or ever since I came back from Columbia with the change of weather.. I think I have the flu.. Im beat & I need sleep...but before I do that I've collected some Rafalinkage news..

There are so many articles swirling around about Rafa's Taxes & I for one think they are way too personal to post..regardless I do not think it is any of our business .. this is going way too far..But again there are other Rafa fans sites who won't agree with me about posting these articles around or even writing about them but I for one am not & will respect Rafa's Tax issues. On to the Rafa/Tennis appearances ..

Twitter is so informative Rafa is having a busy week like always...

Mundo tweeted the above photo of Rafa & himself with a Mundo Chicago jersey in Mallorca
Fans AROUND THE WORLD - Edgardo Calegari with Rafael Nadal, Spain.

DavidJNadal (No relation to Rafa ) tweets a few interesting tweets Rafa related..Perhaps he should be in charge of so we can get Rafa's itinerary..he has these things on agenda

  • LQDVI 'What Really Matters' Congress to the media on Thurs 23 February in Manacor.
  • The interview with @ RafaelNadal on Thursday will be in the special program Golemica (IB3 TV), at 21.30h, live from the Teatre de Manacor
  • And on Sunday, travel to Punta Cana to be with Julio Iglesias. Ah, well a few hours of train
  • Busy week for @ RafaelNadal. Kia announced today shooting, shooting with Ronaldo Wednesday, Thursday and live exclusive interview for IB3
  • Rafa has a court date on 10 am on March 12th in the Manacor court on 10 am over the despute of Benicarlo the coach who says wasn't paid for helping Rafa achieve his serve improvements.. (sigh) - via
 Scratch the last entry being that Rafa has already shot the video with Ronaldo. Rafa posted a pic for us.

Resting in the caravan after a shooting day for Kia :)
 Via Money Leaders Rafa is at number 2 in earnings this year so far.. 2, Rafael Nadal, $1,236,485.

Davis Cup and Fed Cup venues announced -

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