Rafaholics March Giveaway: Nike Rafa Finals Jacket & Cap


Decided for the March Rafaholics Giveaway I will be starting it now & by the time Sony Ericcson Miami Open begins I will be announcing a winner then.. Since this giveaway will be more spending money for me.. decided to take my time with it & ensure more people to enter. In the past I have used different methods on a winner..answering a Rafa question & was told they were too difficult so to be fair I decided to use generator to pull out a winner. I will ship anywhere! Good Luck Rafaholics!

  1. Nike Rafa Finals Dri-FIT N98 Jacket
  2. Nike Nadal Bull Logo Feather Light Hat
both provided by Midwestsports

Here are the digs..
1. Leave me a comment sign in with either your twitter or facebook account so I could contact you. You could say anything on your comment just pls be respectful! Follow me on either facebook or twitter to be entered!

Note: This giveaway like all the others I have provided are not provided by anyone but Rafaholics, out of the kindness of my heart. These products are not given to me, I pay for each one of them. I give them away to Rafa fans..So please leave respectful comments below or you will be excluded from prizes & future ones also.

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