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Rafael Nadal presents WHAT REALLY MATTERS through LQDVI


Yet another reason to respect Rafa Nadal.. always puts his name towards positive empowerment. This time its through "What Really Matters" (LQDVI) where Rafa is held as the President. Vamos! read below for full explanation.

Palma, 17 (Balearic Libeertad.) - On February 24 held in Palma de Mallorca the second edition of the 'What really matters' (LQDVI), which is touring the main Spanish cities. It is in the Trui Theatre under the presidency of Rafael Nadal, which will bring together over 1,300 young people to listen to three stories of overcoming, solidarity and tenacity.
This is a free initiative of Foundation 'What really matters' aimed at the youth attending university and college, where the presenters have impressive first-person experiences that have made them understand what really matters in life.
In Palma de Mallorca, Congress is sponsored LQDVI main Telefonica and the sponsorship of the Fundación Rafael del Pino Foundation Randstad, AXA Foundation, Foundation Cuatrecasas and Obra Social La Caixa. Air Europa is the official airline. It is a project launched by Telefonica Foundation contributes to spread through LQDVI
In this second edition participates the journalist and psychologist Irene Villa, who will speak about her story of overcoming and forgiveness in 1991 after suffering a terrorist attack by ETA in which she lost her legs and three fingers of one hand. Villa is also a ski champion from Spain adapted and author of the books' Knowing that you can 'and' SOS 'Human'. Your intervention will be at 10:30 am.

Also participate screenwriter, actor and film director Albert Espinosa, who was diagnosed at age thirteen cancer that caused him to spend ten years in hospitals. This life experience has inspired him to write some of his plays, film and literature, which has led him to achieve his dream of being a film director. Espinosa is the screenwriter 4th floor and writer of hits like "The Yellow World" and "If you see me say I leave everything ... but tell me see." Will speak at 12:30.
Also to host in the conference is Sanllorente Jaume, a journalist who after learning the reality of India left their wealthy life in Barcelona to prevent the closure of an orphanage in Bombay. He founded the NGO Bombay Smiles', which works to free children from prostitution rings and helping disadvantaged castes in areas such as education and health. Sanllorente is author of "The Sound of Bombay 'and' The Song of the Concubine '. His lecture will be at 16:00.
The cycle begins with LQDVI Congress holding this second edition in Palma de Mallorca, but will also in 2012 the cities of La Coruna, Zaragoza, Valencia, Seville, Bilbao, Barcelona and Madrid.

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