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On Court Interview I took with my iphone tired of not having the on court interviews up.. I really like them!

Rafa does a blog for The Age .. I guess it's 2012 & Rafa wants a change from his normal blog at the Times & HeraldSun..

Do you have a question for Rafael Nadal? Email or ask your question via our live blog and Rafa will respond.
Look for his answers and comments about the tournament on and in The Age.

The AustralianOpen has a fun new way of getting your photo added to their #TennisGrams Instructions below:
Here at Australian Open digital mission control we love a good Twitpic. So much so that we're setting a pic-a-day challenge over the 14 days of the tournament. Use Instagram and #tennisgrams or post your pic to Twitter so we can find you. Best pic of the day will score an Aus Open towel. Have fun :)

Practice photos from Jan 16 Can be viewed over at I HAVE A TENNIS ADDICTION tennis enthusiast Steph She has many photos of Rafa training.
I posted some on my facebook account that was able to scrap up online

Rafael Nadal: Back In Town

via australianopentv

Champions Drink Responsibly updated theit facebook page with Rafael Nadal. photo of Behind The Scenes & They also posted a video of Rafa's near miss!!

Backstage At AO Media Day

Rafa talks to Herald Sun

[ Rafa does Interview with Banesto after 1st round win vs Kusnetsov ]
Espíritu Ganador Banesto- Entrevista a Rafa Nadal.1. Open de Australia 2012.


via PolaNight

''It gives you a little bit more power. That's all. It's three more grams. Three more grams probably on the side of the racquet doesn't feel for changes. But three more grams just on the top of the racquet makes a change."

"Things are fine between us, you know. I have no hard feelings towards him," said the Swiss superstar, bidding for a fifth Australian Open title.

"I always had a fantastic relationship with Roger. I still have a fantastic relationship with Roger."  said Nadal.

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