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According to the Interview Rafa says "we will see" if Madrid is on his schedule! I truly hoped he skips it & that dreadful blue clay! Vamos!

Rafa Nadal: "I've never been brave"
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Neus Yerro | 09.01.2012 | 4:05 pm

Feelings and renewed hopes. The year has just begun and promises Rafa Nadal puts all eggs in one basket.

He started the final in Doha. Was discontinued. Resumed and was proclaimed the new champion of the Qatar Exxon Mobil Open. And beside it, on the track number one Rafa Nadal made an intensive training with Francis Roig. Over two hours polishing strokes, looking for that plus you want to face the coming months to adapt to new conditions of your racket. To all this continued for another 45 minutes in the gym. Back at the hotel, Nadal spoke with

He had his doubts about playing in Doha but in the end, the decision has been very successful ¿
Yes, especially since my shoulder has responded well. You never know but overall very happy.
¿Good feel for what lies ahead?
I know I'm doing well, with a much more positive attitude I had in the second half of last season, especially down the stretch. I get up every day with the hope of going to train. I think I'm on the right track. In Australia What (we think). Maybe it comes soon. I am able to do a good tournament but you never know Am I happy with the level of my game, how I'm doing and I think I'm sowing to reap the rewards. Although maybe not in Australia.
The good news is that the season has not done more than Started How
Exactly. But for me, the most important part of the season is from Indian Wells to Wimbledon.
Leave the Olympics ¿
Well, let's think only up to Wimbledon. After that we will tackle the Games. It is at this time where I have to be really good, where I have to win the handful of points that are important for the season: Indian Wells, Miami, Monte Carlo, Barcelona, ​​Madrid (Madrid We will see) ... Rome, Roland Garros and Wimbledon.
What do you most remember in 2011 it cost?
Sensations. Of more tired than usual. Mental and perhaps, at times, also a physicist, but especially mentally. At times I felt the season I did something heavy. Many years of routine, maximum intensity every week. Fortunately, this has changed and today sensations are very different and I'm looking forward. When a season starts, everything is different. At least try to do everything in your power.
Do you mind having to talk nearly every day of Djokovic?
Nooo Do you imagine that Federer did the same with me some years ago. The stories are repeated over time, is nothing new. It's just a matter of accepting the situation, to enjoy what I have, which is much, and keep working to try to have more. That's it. Djokovic, today, deserves all the praise because he has done is admirable and very difficult. I always try to answer with the highest education because I think that's what I play.
Each time he returns after a break, you have doubts. Will you be your way or is there more?
Well, I'm not a very determined person virtually nothing. I find it hard to make decisions. I'm not a particularly brave person and input and not particularly confident in myself. I have doubts at all but I think those same questions I have gained much.
Do not say anything negative, that have helped?
Yes, respect everyone, to be afraid that things will not go well and that makes me always give one hundred percent. It has its downside but also positive. The doubts are part of life in general. If one does not, in my opinion, can only be for two things: either it is a luminaries or arrogant. Nothing is so clear in this life, if any, very little. In my view, of course.
So changes in the racket are more than thinking, '
Yes We propose and conclude Wimbledon but being injured, because I played infiltrated from the octa-final match with Del Potro, prefer to wait for time. After the U.S. Open also tried. Then we put too much weight to the racket, he could not gain control of the ball so it was too risky and went back to stop. It was the end of the season, thinking we'd have a month to work, it was a good time. It could not and so I say I need time. Three grams in the upper frame of the racket and noticeable. But we conclude that they can help me with my service, not being the same as the final stretch of 2010, and my attacking play, connecting more hit winners, and especially with the backhand.
Tomorrow is awarded the Golden Ball You love football. Who do you think will win?
Surely Messi. I wish he won a Spanish footballer (in clear reference to Xavi Hernandez) but Messi deserves it. It is undeniable that it is a very special player.
Football was coming. Madrid played yesterday and he, as long as the circumstances permit, did not lose detail. But neither lost when playing the Barça.Tras Cup match against Osasuna the Blaugrana, Rafa declared: "Another show, as usual."

part2 continued back at hotel.

It may not be correctly understood the announcement of your resignation after winning the Davis Cup in Sevilla ¿
It is simple to explain: our agenda, until they take the decisions necessary to change the calendar is very tight. And you have to find windows to rest. When you have 18 years comes to all, but as you get older everything gets complicated. Also the fact that he won four Davis Cup since 2004, practically this computer component I was four and David (Ferrer) three. Simply, the Davis Cup competition is a plaintiff.
But is not competition, in theory, gives a lot?
Only give if you win. If no, no. It's business as usual. Efforts and benefits do not match, there is a balance between them. From the outside people might think 'total, only three days when do not. For us it is a week of intense work, in which probably will be a change of surface, with consequent danger to your body, like me, with your knees. One is making efforts but eventually realizes he can not be everywhere. And I said I would not play Davis Cup anymore.
Well thought so, what was interpreted
No, not that. For now, the first two rounds of 2012 not'll play. February I need to rest and after Miami need to prepare thoroughly for the clay season. And I can not risk it. I feel I need these weeks for me. From the outside everything is very nice and I hate to have to be I always say these things but that's the truth. The ITF makes little effort to keep the value of competition it deserves.
With their demands appear You rebel '¿¿
I have no need to be or say anything. I gain nothing. But I feel obliged to make it known. They have 20 years in the same format, without evolving as did other sports. In the end, the only force that remains is to make you feel this is the only competition in which you defend your country. But do not be fooled. I've been playing here in Doha and I defend my country, that will I do in Australia. We are the representatives of our country every week we play.
Are we talking about something like a 'blackmail' emotional?
A little. They play with this feeling and you feel compelled. And I want to play Davis Cup for the feelings alive, especially with the public, are not comparable to none. In Davis Cup play mainly for people.
However, the latter end something will have helped, have had a positive ¿
Of course you do! And I have enjoyed as never before. The environment that I lived there I do not know if I will live my whole life. The excitement is enormous. When I was playing the 'tie BREAK (the fourth and ultimately final set) was crying on the track, is the thrill of seeing all that it means not only for yourself but for everybody who is there in the stands. But if this is facilitated from the ITF would be the world's best players competing regularly.
When one criticizes you often ask for a proposal. What is yours to improve the situation?
Davis Cup two years, but not to be played every two years but the playoffs were shared in those 24 months, two per year.
But it is likely that the ITF does not accept it because it never would reduce the money flowing into their coffers ¿
Maybe, but the more tender, less things are worth. Could increase the level of television, the sponsors and the national associations could borrow more money to cities wishing to host a playoff because it would look so repetitive. Samples at least one thing more expensive and vice versa. Why are so expensive shrimp? Because there's less! Why pay these million for the Games? Because they pay me know. Better not say it! Only with TV rights, which won the International Olympic Committee is a shame. Why? Because it is once every four years. The only thing that wins Davis having one every year is that the world's best players do not play well what they lose prestige. But do not. In order ¿
Surprised, perhaps, the moment he announced his resignation ¿
It was well and I think it was time. We had won. And if he did, we were always the same: would the first round and `oh! Do not gamble, do. It is said, no game, that for the first and second rounds, I did not come to look for. We could have waited 24 hours, yes, but then you have to make a statement, it is colder. You say in front of people and that's it.
There are new captain how are you?
I have not spoken with him yet, guess we will see in Australia but, well, Alex deserves it. One candidate is clear, as was Carlos Moya, to be Davis Cup captain, as the captain is the recognition of a tennis career well done and appropriate behavior.
Nadal arrives in Melbourne today where Saturday is a must-attend meeting called by the ATP. He, as vice chairman of players, not lose it.

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