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AO: ElMundo QnA #2 Translated


'We'll see how well the knee responds'
1. Miguel del Barrio:
Congratulations Rafa, on your successful debut in Australia. How are youa djusting to the heat? I hope you are very well.  Curious: have you ever played with long sleeves? Thank you.
Thank you very much Michael. The truth is that it hasn't been hot very hot this year, rather the opposite. Today was the first real hot day, but it was very windy so it was not so exaggerated. As the long-sleeved shirt, yes I've played with a with a t-shirt under to match.  
2. Laura O:
Hi Rafa! Many kisses from Venezuela, where we follow with passion. My question is about how to face a Grand Slam tournament. After the draw,, Do you look to those who can be your rival in the next round or only know the name of the next opponent?
The truth is that I often look at the overall picture by location but really looks at the nearest rival, the next opponent is always important. The Mathematics of it, otherwise no.
3. Espina Saul Crespo:
A pleasure to greet you Rafael. The top three-ranked Djokovic, Federer and you, all of you won your first game in Australia with relative ease. Instead, Murray lost a set, so he made more of an effort. Does that influence wear in later rounds? Is it important to win without greater effort? Thanks
I do not think at this point is important. Just start the tournament and it's normal to lose a set. This shows that there is no easy opponents as people think. What is true is that Djokovic has not suffered more wear today that Murray.
4. Ramón Márquez:
Hi Rafa, how are you? Did you have a chance to see Ferrer winning match? Do you think he's able to  win the Open in Australia? Do you think, as he says, that he's below one level of  the top four players?
I saw something on TV and he is certainly a candidate to win this tournament. He is number 5 in the world!! Last year he reached the semis and had his opportunities. He's a great player who is always there and can beat anyone! He is also a great person and I'm happy for his success!
5. Felipe Galvan:
Vamos Rafa! You both tennis and you see so many players, could you tell me the names of new talents present in Australia with the potential to go far in this year's tournament? I was always a lover of 'outsiders'! A hug champion.
It's hard because this is a Grand Slam and five sets usually have fewer surprises. But there are always some. I can't tell you one specifically.
6. Fernando Garcia:
Hi Rafa, how is the knee? After you've played  are their any more problems? 
Well, well, thank you. We'll see what it responds tomorrow. What a shock!
7. Vicente PG:
Which would you prefer to play in the Australia Open [day or night]? I think it is better to play the night to avoid the heat, right? Greetings!
It depends on many factors. It's not as simple as deciding heat. Also, the rival influences, hours of waiting, whether it is covered or not, is not so simple. What I can tell you is that I and we all play when we touch on an equal footing.
8. Jaime:
Hi Rafa, you're my favorite player with Fernando Verdasco, who is my club hehe. I was very sorry what happened in the Tomic match. Has this ever happened to you? What do you usually do to prevent the occurrence of digestion? How long before the match can you eat the last meal?
These things can happen and to be avoided. I usually eat two hours before the match and always things that are very light. A paste with oil and butter as much. Finally, it is bad luck.
9. Javier Ruiz:
What a mess with Roger right? I hope everything has come to nothing and you continue to give the image that helps both tennis.
I've talked a lot about it here and I do not talk more about it. My relationship with Roger is still very good and that's not going to change much that sometimes we disagree on something. It's normal. But I repeat that our relationship is good, as it should be!
10. Maria Suarez:
Hi Rafa. I would like to ask you about your experience in the doubles, have you considered the possibility of winning a tournament at a time in singles and doubles? Could you endure it physically?
Not in Grand Slams but I've done in 1000 for example ATP Indian Wells with Marc Lopez.


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