Rafa Nadal receives a 3D HELMET


Rafa Nadal receives a 3D HELMETS® by NZI Helmets

Last Wednesday, 21 students of the Modernization of Motorcycling studie at the Balearean School of Sports (EBE) attended to a training with tennis player Rafa Nadal and handed him a 3D Helmet by NZI Helmets.
10 motorcycle racing students and their teachers could see from first hand how Rafa prepares for competition. Afterwards they had some time to talk to him about all they had seen and other interesting aspects of sports. Rafa, who also studied at the EBE, was very interested in the EBE and its programs, the riders and motorcycle racing in general.
To thank him for his hospitality, Rafa Nadal was presented with a 3D Helmet by NZI Helmets with a special decoration for the tennis player with tennis balls and the logos of CTEIB and EBE, which he gratefully excepted.

Source: NZI News

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