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Rafa: 'Monaco told me I was great'


Rafa visited Pico's locker room, "Monaco told me I was great"

After the first point of the Davis Cup final, Nadal admitted that he went to Pico's locker room to give encouragement to him, "No kidding, we're talking about the best player of all time on clay," said Monaco about his rival.

SEVILLE .- Both players came to the conference room with the same expression, though with very different realities: Rafael Nadal was serious and even annoyed, but confident, Juan Monaco showed signs of regret and sadness, almost with tears in his eyes. The Argentine knew he had given it his best, but that it was not enough against "the best player of all time on clay." All this came after Rafa's visit to Pico's locker room. "Monaco told me I was great and I took the opportunity to give encouragement to a great friend," said the Spaniard.

"I think I played a pretty solid match. I spent a lot of time on court, mentally preparing myself for it. I had positive feelings today, the opponent was tough, I feel sorry for him, because he is one of my best friends" Nadal said at the press conference.

Monaco did not give excuses for his defeat, he said he simply played "against the best ever." "They were all speculating about him being tired, but I knew he was going to play this way. I am very sad because nobody likes to lose this way, but I am aware that I was facing one of the best in tennis history. I felt that I had to win the point three times against him. Rafa is like that, he fights a lot, he defends very well and he wears you out" said Pico.

Monaco then added: "You suffer a lot after giving it your all. You do not know how you can win a point against this guy. And that makes you feel down."

"I don't think Pico played a bad match. I think there were more good decisions from me than mistakes from him. A week ago people said I was done and now they say I'm not human. I went to the locker room and he told me I was great. I tried to encourage him a bit, because I think he did not play badly, but I missed only very few times" Nadal said after the victory.

Although a long way to go, Rafa analized a possible fourth round against Del Potro, next Sunday,

"Del Potro is a complete player, he has less mobility than Pico, but he has better shots."

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