Rafa: It motivates me to beat Borg's Record at Roland Garros


 "It motivates me to beat Borg's Record at Roland Garros"

Rafa Nadal, with his left shoulder in cotton, left yesterday to Abu Dhabi to compete in an exhibition. Previously reviewed with deportation Mallorca and AS 2011 and spoke of his challenges in 2012.

How do you value what you have achieved in 2011?

The assessment is positive, the year has been good since the demand is always high and makes you have to go always to be the maximum limit for all appointments. I think I closed a very complete season removing Shanghai and London, where I was not at the level that I would have liked. In all other respects I think it was a year full enough, something was missing at certain times. Fight for the coming year do not miss anything.

He played ten finals this year to be their second best record

Rather than speaking of ten finals what matters is what they are. Playing ten is tough, but looking the same category: three Grand Slam, Indian Wells, Miami, Monte Carlo, Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Rome is, contested the final of the ten most important tournaments of the year except Australia, I was injured. So, I've been there and I lacked finish. If I had finished some of them would have been a spectacular year, but lost many. These are the games where there is more difference of losing to win.

And again with the bags packed, what is the mail goal in 2012?

Health, because it is vital for everyone, even for athletes. Without health there is nothing, neither happiness nor options to enjoy things, I ask for health for all and for me too.

How are the problems that has been dragging on the shoulder?

I have improved in recent days, but just came to Abu Dhabi. However, the tennis season is very long, almost eleven months are tough and all what is important. There are years that I've started badly and finished very well and others, as in 2009, I started well and ended badly. The important thing is to start with enthusiasm, desire and maintain a line of work. If things go as they should have to know how to keep the illusion high because there will be options during the year and we must seize the opportunities you have.

What event prompted the Magi? What makes him special pleasure?

If I have to choose I'd take six Roland Garros because I am tied with Borg, it was the most he had, and over it is a motivation and would be a nice achievement. Although now I think Australia is the first tournament of the year and what comes after will be welcome. What you need to have is the illusion and the attitude needed to achieve all appointments with guarantees to compete to the fullest.

2012 is Olympic year. Do they change a lot of plans for a tennis player?

It is the fifth most important tournament of the year after the big four. An Olympic year is what makes everything a bit more compressed and have less rest, ten days are added to the calendar. But it is always a purpose, to be well prepared to try to reach London. The event is important but perhaps more experience.

What is every four years makes it special?

Well, precisely because every four years, is the most difficult tournament to win for one player. If you're lucky, you can compete in two or three games as much in our career with any option. I was lucky enough to win the 2008 and of course the motivation and enthusiasm are the medals, but the experience itself, to live in the Olympic Village and share these days with all athletes, is special.

What do you think of the election of Alex Corretja as Davis Cup captain?

It serves him right. It takes many years in the tennis world, he's been an outstanding player and has been involved until recently in the circuit as coach to Andy Murray, so it is very good.

He inherited a championship team but in which some of you may be missing in playoffs. Is not it brown?

They are challenges. And the position of captain is a reward for a career in the tennis world. He has it and so will be there, and he deserves congratulations. Then win or lose depends on many factors and Davis also depends on the involvement of the players, the team that touches you at all times, was fortunate to play at home or away All this influences the results.


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