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Hello Rafaholics!  I will be here to update as best as I could. I'm filling in for Sofie being that shes away from the country at her new position at the U.N.H.C.R. She's left me with all of her sources & how to. I will be updating at least once a day. Hoping I can keep up with you all you amazing Rafa fans & of course keeping up with the man himself RAFA! On to the updates..

 A few photos via @MarcCapo

making of Ace Campaign Video


Rafa wass reportedly suffering abit from shoulder issues from training. But it isnt something we should worry about according to this tweet

 today @davidjnadal posted these videos of Rafa training & he tweeted some quotes via Rafa

  • Rafael Nadal via IB3 today: "the players want to lengthen our sporting life and have a more tranquil season"
  • "The Masters is the most difficult tournament for me to win, on the surface. But I'm going to try"
  • Nadal is not good, has physical problems. "I forced too much with the serve and the drive in training and loaded the shoulder"
  • Uncle Toni: "Rafael has discomfort in the shoulder. These are two very important tournaments and we went to the doctor to prevent and not force more"
  • Uncle Toni via IB3: "these weeks have wanted to work hard the serve and in the end we have loaded the shoulder." We forced too much."
  • That is why today's training has been 100% the backhand, so as not to force the shoulder.

DavidNadal wrote: Toni Nadal leaves the ball short because he knows that Djokovic makes it much a. .. -

To the left shoulder discomfort
Nadal improved reverse
via google translation of Catalan which isnt that great but the it's always nice to see Rafa training.

via ib3
Rafael Nadal reached the last two major challenges of the season, the Masters Cup in London and the Davis Cup final in Seville, with discomfort in his left shoulder.

The Manacor trained at the highest level to arrive at the best prices. Yesterday, Nadal came to consult the doctor Angel Ruiz Cotorro and diagnosis has been an overload caused precisely by the intensity of recent training. So today just bullied the other way around.

 Rafa practicing


Verdasco does abit of Rafa impersonations which was not at all disrespectful like some others have done..check it out below..

Fernando Verdasco imitates Rafael Nadal


Nadal Goes Through Medical Check-up Fully Fit For End Of Season -google translate

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