Rafalinkage: KIAadvert, BlueClay, TennisV-game, & more..


UPDATE ON Madrid Open blue clay: has removed the article.

The official announcement is scheduled for next week where Tiriac will begin to see his dream fulfilled after some time said "I am determined to convert the tennis tournament in Madrid in something never seen before: a SuperSlam on blue clay."

  • Rafa has been busy practicing. He's been posting photos via his social networking sites Facebook & Twitter. Rafa is close to reaching the 1 million mark on twitter!

  • posted this photo of Rafa signing his autobiography for Colom's father! 

  •  Rafa & Gabashvilli relax after a training session! he says:
Resting during the practice with the great Teimuraz Gabashvilli!!

  • Rafa changes his facebook profile pic to the above sent to him by a fan, Emmanuelle Alvery, what is so great about this is the fact that Rafa acknowledges the efforts & talent of his fans, he says:
Good afternoon everyone. I want to thank Emmanuelle Alvery because she send me this beautiful picture. I liked it so much that I decided to put one of the cartoons as profile picture for a few days :) The truth is that many of you support me every day and it's something I always appreciate. Thanks!!!

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Rafa has a bit of a cameo in the new KiaBuzz [I Like Kia] Tell Us What You Like!

The KIA " Me Gusta" in Spanish


Two photo-shopped  pics of Rafa & Roger's Year End Championships kits.

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