Interview: The year was good & can be better.


Rafa Nadal: "The year was good and can be better '

The O2 Arena in London and the Olympic Stadium of La Cartuja in Seville are the last stops on the way from Rafael Nadal in 2011. With Roland Garros, two Grand Slam finals and the Monte Carlo Masters 1000 in the bag, the tennis world number two is close to time to take stock with the option to upgrade a tour 'very positive'. Nadal, who last putting them in Manacor before traveling to the English capital, faces forward to the Finals ATP and the Davis bid for an epilogue to Argentina in 2011 which can promote the launch of 2012, at which time expected to resume his battle with Novak Djokovic with "new things that can help me."

- How do you feel discomfort in the shoulder?

'I'm much better and was able to train well. I hope that over the next few days will improve.

- How faces ATP Finals in London?

-As always, with enthusiasm. When you finish the year well have more options next season good start, although it is certainly not a guarantee. Are year-end tournaments complicated because in the end you get the whole season with above and beyond that, you come to the surface that I find is more complicated than the indoor. I'm going to the Finals ATP with the illusion of the year end well, be competitive and make good games.

-After his absence from the Masters 1000 Paris-Bercy Did we get one hundred percent physically and tennis dates to the last year?

'You can not assess a percentage, but mentally I'm fine. Not having gone to Paris, I did well mentally and physically I hope well. In any case, the work done these past weeks has been largely thinking about next year. We decided not to go to Paris to prepare a couple of things for 2012.

- How have these training days alternating current season with spring training next season?

'I've done more physical training during the season because you have few options to do it. In a long season you need to return to work this area to get in shape. I do not think that is enough time, but both this period and the time remaining until the end of 2011, I hope it's enough to start next year in the best possible conditions. If I had not stopped would not have had the same margin. I hope it's enough.

- Is it difficult to stop thinking about the possibility of winning the Davis?

The Davis Cup is there, but not the first time that we are in the final. In my case, I'll play the final third and the fourth in which I participate because I played the semifinals in 2008 but could not play in Argentina. It is the chance to win the Davis Cup quarter but it is something that is not new. When you've experienced something you take things more calmly. When I finish I will have a Masters week, five days a week and three days to prepare.

-Will have little time to prepare the transition to clay.

Yes, soon as ever, but after the U.S. Open had even less time to prepare for the semifinal. The transition is what it is and we will try to be sufficient. It will be difficult because we play the final against rivals who have been playing some good, including Juan Monaco. It will be a very difficult final.

- Do you think there is too much favoritism climate of Spain in the final?

'Personally I am very favorite. We think that is a final and you're favorite or not, you have to win on the track. We can lose the final, but will not make the decisions they made in 2008. We have it pretty clear. The most important thing is to be all together and the team comes well prepared and well prepared mentally as a team. We can win on the track, but we must be clear what we want.

- Do you think that the results obtained in London and in the Davis Cup can change the balance of the 2011 season?

I do not think it affects. The year is done and is good. A year where he finished as number two in the world and which has won a Grand Slam (Roland Garros) playing three finals of Grand Slam (Roland Garros, Wimbledon and U.S. Open) is very positive. I am not so arrogant as to think that with these results is not a good season. It would mean that personal consideration is higher than the real and not. The year is very positive and the option to make it better. In London feeling competitive and feel like I can compete with all guarantees it would me. The goal is to win, but inside finish the year with a good feeling tennis would be good to close the ATP circuit. Then to win the Davis Cup and finish the season with a victory gives moral and it is important, because it's always better when you kill a joy.

- Do you want to go back to face Novak Djokovic?

-In London I can only meet Djokovic in the semifinals, and that remains for that. No I wont feel like or have no desire to play with him, I leave it for next year. This season has been better than others, we must accept it and can only congratulate him. The delay for Djokovic the next year to do some things to help me.

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