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Excerpts from an interview with Rafa Nadal  in Al Primer Toque show on radio ONDA CERO.

[on facing this Davis Cup final]
First days of practicing were quite taxing for me, but the last few days I’ve been focussing very well (…) the next year will be a difficult one for participation in the Davis Cup.

[on what Rafa needs to do in 2012]
This year there were moments that would have been considered good in the past, but with the expectations on me from myself and from others, it seems that the final of Wimbledon or US Open, it seems that the tournament wasn’t that good… the tournament was good, what happened was I just needed that little extra point. What do I need for the next year? I need to work, to go on that same road and go on creating more opportunities. This year I created a lot of them, although I took less than other years. Then, I need to go on the road of improvement of my tennis and this will lead to creating new opportunities to win.

[on his controversial statements of lacking passion]
I have to answer questions every day and the truth is, at that moment I didn’t express myself well or was misinterpreted. What I wanted to say, mainly after Shanghai I found myself a bit tired, a bit less excited to compete, but that’s logical, I had thousand matches until that moment, never stopping the whole year, playing very good matches, accepting difficult losses and picking myself up again during the whole year (…) after all that I believe my head said the year was over.

[on Rafa’s demands for ATP calendar improvements]
I feel the obligation to say what I believe in and if others do not say that, well maybe they will have to say that at a certain point, but if I say that, I assure you it’s because I have support of 95% of players.

[on recent statements from Noah about doping]
Some French media seem to be obsessed with the subject of ‘doping’, they do not understand that we nowadays are being controlled more than criminals. I just cannot understand sport with doping.

[on what Rafa has learned in 2011]
What I lacked this year was to endure a bit more (…) mainly against Djokovic. This is what’s negative. What’s positive is that I have accepted all the losses, without exception (…) I have accepted that somebody was doing better than I did.

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