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Ace Rafa Promotional Statement, Photos, & Video


Video: "Rafael Nadal is about to meet his toughest opponent!"

Bacardi's “Champions Drink Responsibly” "Ace Rafa" campaigns have released  this addressing their ROBOSERV

Global Social Responsibility Ambassador Rafael ‘Rafa’ Nadal

Hamilton, Bermuda, – Bacardi Limited today launches an international free prize draw competition to meet its Global Social Responsibility Ambassador Rafael ‘Rafa’ Nadal as part of the award-winning “Champions Drink Responsibly” social responsibility campaign. Starting today, legal drinking age consumers and fans from around the world will get the opportunity to “Ace Rafa” in an online virtual reality video game created by Bacardi Limited.
Fans who successfully “ace” the ten-time Grand Slam winner in the game will go into a free prize draw to win a spot in the Grand Final. The lucky finalists will get to meet Rafa Nadal face-to-face in Mallorca, Spain, in 2012 for the chance to try and “ace“ him in-person.

Legal drinking age consumers can enter the competition via the “Champions Drink Responsibly” Facebook page ( where they will face Rafa by using the RoboServ 3000 –– a state-of-the-art 12-foot tall tennis-serving robot.

The imagery in the game was shot on location in Rafa’s hometown of Manacor in Mallorca, Spain, where the tennis champion also trains. Unlike most console and online games, “Ace Rafa” features a real version of Rafael Nadal rather than a computer-generated version of the tennis great. The game is brought to life as Rafa reacts to each serve as though he was playing an actual game of tennis against another person.

“Ace Rafa” is the latest promotion in the Bacardi Limited “Champions Drink Responsibly” global campaign. The Bacardi social responsibility campaign highlights the important message that “Everyone Knows Where the Line Is” when it comes to drinking responsibly and was launched by Rafa in March.

“I hope my fans enjoy this unique chance to play against me. Drinking responsibly is a serious message and I believe we will reach and influence more people with this important message by expressing it in a more light-hearted and interactive way. ‘Knowing where the line is’ is vital in tennis and in life,” said Rafa Nadal, the Bacardi Limited Global Social Responsibility Ambassador. “I have faced some incredible serves on the tennis tour, but the RoboServ is a tough competitor and in the right hands it is going to be difficult to beat. I look forward to meeting some of the best Bacardi-created champions face-to-face next year.”

“We are really excited to launch this interactive game as part of our “Champions Drink Responsibly” program. We are serving up to fans a truly unique opportunity to compete online against one of the world’s leading tennis champions and some very lucky people will even meet Rafa in-person,” said Bacardi Limited President and CEO Séamus McBride. “The ‘Ace Rafa’ promotion is all about connecting with consumers in a dynamic and engaging way to reinforce the important message of responsible drinking.”


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