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"Rafael has not played well and it has taken its toll"

The sincerity that exudes Toni Nadal in each of his words is largely a basic ingredient in the recipe for success of the best Spanish player of all time. The coach and uncle Rafael Nadal has not been a good feeling after the Asian tour of his pupil, which ended in the final in Tokyo and the surprising defeat in the second round in Shanghai. Of course, the renowned coach has full confidence "in the spirit of excellence" that defines the current world number two and hopes to retrieve "the sensations of the U.S. Open" to close a 2011 which defines as a "good year" with the icing Masters Cup and a Salad.

- What conclusions can be drawn looking at the performance of Rafael (Nadal) in the quotations from Tokyo and Shanghai Masters 1000?
-The truth is that in the Asian tour has not played well and it has taken its toll. In Shanghai lost a match that should have won and, particularly, I think we have lacked intensity and determination, especially when going to look and point and subtract in complex situations. Have not seen him comfortable and his punches were not conclusive.
- Are you surprised to see him out of a tournament so soon?
-These things can happen, especially when you're playing all year ... Surprised? If that happens in Tokyo is more normal, although it should be noted that Rafael has been playing very well since the U.S. Open and the Davis Cup semifinal. But if you have a bad day, you're out, and it's difficult to always be playing every week end.
- Where was the key to explaining the offense to Mayer?
-I think he did not play aggressive, his right was not conclusive and is not looked good the rest.
- Do you think that by now you pay the accumulation of matches and days of competition?
-Sure, but everything takes significant wear. The schedule is long and intense and you have to be dosed, but I think no more of the account.
- What is the road book to follow with the preparation of the final stretch of the course?
'We have an ending to the season with many attractions. Expect Paris Masters Cup and Davis ... three weeks ahead we will have to be here with emphasis on fitness and working to get in top condition. I hope that Rafael can regain the good feelings of the U.S. Open, that's fundamental. But I trust in the spirit of excellence that has always demonstrated and has led him to be what it is and get what he has accomplished in his career.
-Paris Masters Cup and Davis Cup. A climax as exciting and demanding ...
-All together illusion, especially Raphael. Winning the Davis Cup, so it means to compete with Spain and the environment that is generated, it is a sensational way to end a good year, but personally, I think the Masters Cup is what motivates him most right now.

-From your experience, surprised a season as bright as the stars Novak Djokovic?
-He has been sensational all year. Now he is injured, something that is normal in elite sport with this requirement. Faced with an opponent like Djokovic can not deny that 2011 has been a good year because the results are there, having played in many finals, but lost enough, with the added handicap of having a rival in a single moment.

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