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Toni Nadal, critical of Rafa's game


Uncle Toni is starting to piss me off a bit.. I know that he's tough & he's stating the obviously here but I want some more compassion & some positive reinforcements here. Rafa is down no need to bring him more down. Im a fan of Uncle Toni but he's starting to really bug me. Not after watching Rafa's presser.

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Toni Nadal, Rafael Nadal Spanish coach, world number two, has said that his nephew "has not played well at any time" after being knocked out against Germany's Florian Mayer (7-6 (5), 6-3) in the round of the tournament in Shanghai, adding that "there is no excuse for not playing well."

"He has not had much confidence and has always been behind tow. His shots did not hurt and he missed his chance with the 4-2. He is not the better [player], that's the first thing, and I do not know if Tokyo [loss] is weighing on him ," said Toni Nadal told Teledeporte.

In addition, the technician was also critical of the number one favorite Asian competition. "His forehand has not hurt. His balls are short and that has made him not be comfortable on the return. He did not return confidently," he said.

"It is in these moments when you can not miss it because you come from losing the first set and the opponent was tired. With the ball in the net is difficult to win and we must be more decisive in dealing with complicated situations. Rafael has not done so and has lost, "he added.

"There is no excuse for not playing well. And if you do not play well, it is because you do something wrong. He didn't play well and he paid for it," said Toni Nadal, who - still - said "there is reason for hope. "But for that we must work to see if we get good results here at the end of the year" he concluded.

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