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Shanghai 2011 - Tuesday Preview Nadal

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John Carlin Talks Rafa & his history it's in Spanish only
Rafa Nadal. Mi historia (John Carlin)

New short film featuring Rafael Nadal [teaser]

Rafa posts a few updates on facebook/twitter:

Rafael Nadal's Videos:
posts a video of Rafa & Marc preparing their racquets for play: Oct 11, 2011 3:47am

 Hi everybody. We are back from the Bacardi Champions Drink Responsibly event. This is new around here, so it’s important to start educating in this sense :) I’m going to have a rest now, I’m playing my first individual match at Shanghai tomorrow!

Over at Rafaholics facebook there are many photos of Rafa's recent events:

IB3 Video Report  Rafa believes the Nadal of 2010 was "a little more special than the Nadal of 2011 especially in complicated situations."
Some Translated quotes:

He also admitted that there is work to do if you want to go back to the level of last year when he won Roland Garros, Wimbledon and U.S. Open, the seventh after conceding defeat in a final this season in Tokyo against British Andy Murray. I remember that it must substantially improve their sacada to survive.
"Winning or losing depends sometimes just small details," said Nadal to refer to the final against Serbian Novak Djokovic lost this year at Wimbledon and U.S. Open.
"Probably those little things I did better last year than this. It is hard to win big games, and this year I have lost many finals, seven of ten, "he recalled.
"I played worse than last year. So I was more consistent, in which I played something worse. Roger meanwhile, played well but lost some games in the past left no escape, "he admitted
"If improvements every year more and more, your chances are lower. Remember that this is my seventh season on the circuit, and was number two. This happened because I kept in perfect mental condition over the years, and because I've always tried to improve and play better and better. This is the goal and what should I do if I want to keep me here for a long time, "he said.

"I think everything is part of a transition in your career. Can not wait until you play perfect every time. I did very well this year, maybe not perfect, because I lost some important games. What I am clear in my mind is that I have enough excitement to keep me training hard and motivated enough to try and find the best solutions to be better player next year, "he added.
 This year, Djokovic has won plenty of tournaments, three Grand Slams and has not lost games. I do not think his game has changed so amazing. Only has a few things better than other seasons, and this has been so successful in this. And that's what I try, "said Nadal.

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