Rafalinkage: Futball Status, Photos, Young Rafa Vid


The two amazing shots of Rafa at his home in Mallorca is part of the feature"Viaje al cerebro de la máquina" 
that I posted days ago on my facebook
by John Carlin

Champions Drink Responsibly added 2 new photos to the album Behind the scenes with Rafa!/¡Entre bastidores con Rafa!

Rafa makes it crystal clear about the rumors of him playing with Inter de Manacor via these tow videos:
Video with
"I will not play football with 'Inter de Manacor'. I have enough with tennis. I simply have a group of friends who have created the team and I try to help them as much as I can. If some day I feel like practising with them, I'll do it, but I won't play matches at all. People will go on seeing me playing tennis, which is what I have to do. Besides, someone who hasn't played football for 10 years cannot be that good"

Video of Rafa's Futball teammates if Rafa has made the right choice?


"I have no football career, well I have with the courts. Just I have a group of friends who have founded the club and try to help as I can. If one day I enjoy training with them I will, but to play anything," Rafa said.

Más vídeos en Antena3

Another Video of a young Rafa & Marc & Roger

via gandaines2

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