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"studiothuis" on instagram posted these two photos of Rafa. 

In DUTCH the poster wrote;
"We komen net Rafael Nadal tegen... Slaapt hier in Shanghai in het hotel naast het onze. ” 

Google Trans: "We just against Rafael Nadal ... Sleep in Shanghai in the hotel next to ours. "

John Carlin has an ELPAIS feature on the Autobiography Ive translated it & posted the entire article on RAFAHOLICS Facebook has conducted a poll which names Rafa the Fan Favorite Athelete in Spain
Rafa Nadal is the current king of Spanish sport. This is the result from the survey conducted by AS Ikerfel between 1,400 fans who came to witness the First Division games of football. When asked what three current and Spanish athletes are your favorites? 53% chose to Rafa Nadal, Pau 47% to 32% Gasol and Fernando Alonso. After the first two players appear, Iniesta and Iker Casillas, and two motorbike riders Jorge Lorenzo and Dani Pedrosa.

Rafa Nadal on his way home stopped by DOHA for some R&R he also shot a promotional spot for what it looks like from the ATP from the screen monitors in the photo.

 More photos via:

On the way home from Shanghai, we decided to spend some days in Doha, is a very relaxing place perfect for relaxing:)

Today I had the opportunity to visit the facilities of Al Jazeera Sport channel from the hand of my friend Nasser Al Khelaifi, I spent a few photos ...

Today I had the opportunity to visit the Al Jazeera Sport channel's facilities. Thanks to my friend Nasser Al Khelaifi, I share a few photos ...

Juan Pico Monaco & his video blog answers fan questions on his website & Rafa gets a few mentions. I dont blame Pico I'd want Rafa too on that island.. read on holics..

via JuanMonacocom

thanks to theMaddhaus for sending me the instagram links !

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