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BY: Froylan Caballero y Luis Nava

The Spanish tennis player who won the world with his racket and women with your personality, Rafael Nadal, a winner by nature that surprises at every step you take.
Master of the clay. Winner warlike nature and by trade. The same in a court that before the spotlight of the world. Perhaps the only thing that has not been able to Rafael Nadal Parera its 25 years, is overlooked.

He owns the sighs of millions of women around the world, and for that reason it remains the same on the tennis ATP tour or has had appearances in other media. He debuted as an actor in a video clip of the Colombian singer Shakira, where he posed for the lens and made the delight of their growing number of fans.
A man who has made the bike an extension of your body and belongs to the so-called golden generation for Spanish sport, Rafa Nadal has broken marks on its way through the tennis courts, and little by little has been done way in other areas.
In a break in the ATP Tour, Rafael attended MAXWELL and unveiled the secrets of the figure within the sport and the restless young man who enjoys video games and fishing.

Who met Rafa until it touched the horns of the moon and started winning Grand Slam tournaments, you may be surprised that at 25 years and has managed to beat the best players of his country, and many large numbers of snow sports world as Pete Sampras and Andre Agassi. But the reality is that the success story of the Spaniard begins four years, when the hand of your uncle Tony Nadal, began work on the court. That was how it was taking over the clay. That's his favorite surface and the most wins has given you.

"From childhood, we tend to play much in Spain on clay (clay). I find it easier to adapt because we always play it, "he says.

Discipline, humility and serenity, the winning formula.
For a young man who knows the honeys exceed 100 weeks at number one ranking in world tennis, Rafa is calm to their achievements and ensures that it is a way to maintain a balance at the time they reach the tracks, "Do not know exactly if there is a single discipline or shape. I know I have to do and behind it there is much work. At the end of the day and at the end of a match, if I know I've given everything I'll be happy even when you lose because the opponent was better. One must know how to accept defeat as a victory ... with serenity, "said Ronaldo.

Although his name is next to the great figures of history within the sport white, shows measured and focuses on personal achievements: "In this sense I have no kind of feeling, I want to do things for me and the mine, but do not give much importance to put me in such groups. Of course I have great respect for them and what they were, that I doubt, "he says.

Despite its position as world figure, Rafael Nadal enjoys, like any young, moments you have to enjoy video games and other things that make you feel close to their essence. "I only play soccer on the PlayStation and just do it in some tournaments. At home or turn on the console. I always liked fishing a lot, since childhood when my father went out with his friends to fish, "said the young athlete.

"I love golf and I play whenever I can work wherever you are, because I can not, or rather, I should not play football, golf allows me to play, compete without risk of injury," said

So Rafael Nadal Perera, a young man who fulfills his dreams by the hand of a racket. A passionate and homely girl in the courts enjoy as a child and as the great triumphs. A global figure makes his way every day, enjoying every step you take. That is your advice to readers: "The children (should) have fun every time you play, why do it for fun. Tennis is a sport very nice that I have the passion is with it with which we must be on the track. I think that is also transportable to other ....

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