Nadal's PR manager Benito Interview


"Nadal is not a product of marketing, he is himself"

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The Benito Perez-Barbadillo Jerez is an eminence in his profession, an innovator in the stormy world of sports marketing. The company he founded and chairs, B1PR advises some of the best elite athletes in their relationship with the media. He personally maintains a close relationship with Rafael Nadal. Is your PR manager, counselor and friend, a member of the family accompanying the Spaniard to throughout the world. This evening will give a lecture at school Guadalete of the Port, the center where he began to take the first steps to success.
Press Chief of Rafa Nadal, adviser, the man that fits your agenda ... I imagine that your phone will not stop ringing.
-The phone and the 'e-mail' does not cease to smoke, you always have to be careful. My company not only works with Rafa, but also other figures such as Del Piero, Cambiasso ... requiring continuous work. While it is clear that Nadal is the most important value, the more media we have.
- And how is it working with him?
-Easy and difficult time. A character is so famous that everyone wants to talk to him, but that is why many requests come we can not attend.
- How is your personal relationship with the player? 
'Very good. All the team are like a little family that we support each other. If you have a personal problem to me says, and back the same. There is confidence.
- Does Nadal says you have to say in interviews or press conferences?
-No, not at all. At best I can tell you how it is such a situation, things, but it is he who says what he feels and thinks. The positive thing about Nadal is that it is a product of marketing, is himself. What you perceive it is a reality. Besides being a smart person. I can ask for advice on certain issues, but nothing more.
- How would you rate Rafa Nadal's image, both in Spain and the rest of the world?
-One of the most famous in the world, and its image is very good and very real, and a role model for both sports and society. Nothing divismo despite being on the top. It is an example of effort and personality, and all the Spanish we must be very proud of the exported image of our country.
-Always uses the interviews to ensure that the good image it largely to himself.
'Of course, he and his triumphs, because otherwise it would not be as famous win. It also has something to do the work of this family and the people who have no qualms about saying what we think.
- Rafa is one that fits well the advice?
'Sometimes yes and sometimes no. As all are wrong. A person who has matured well with age, but has not changed if you use a pejorative.
- What are the most damaging criticisms made ​​him and his image?
-The things that unsubstantiated allegations are not true and did not even want to name-doping. But he do not care. Also hurt the criticism that goes with evil and he does not deserve, not in terms of results but as to the valuation of their daily work.
-It has also been both press officer Novak Djokovic. Is there much difference between both players?
-There are many differences because they are two very different people. To start one is a Serb and the other Spanish. In Serbia, Djokovic is like an emperor, but in Spain could have a bad image because it is the great rival Rafa and also imitated him, which did not please many people. I think that perception has changed because it was handled well.
-Could have given a similar situation to that of Fernando Alonso and Hamilton Lweis.
-Absolutely, but Nadal is not Alonso.
- Why is 'separated' from Djokovic?
'It was a personal choice of life. At 43 years, and I wanted to go around the world with Djokovic, a tennis player more capricious, so I stayed with Rafa.
-Djokovic-Nadal, Messi, Cristiano, Guardiola-Mourinho ... Do you sell best bad-boy image that good?
-For me it is selling much better good-boy image, people are tired of the bad. Although particularly depends on the education you want to give to a family, to society. I still staying with the good.

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