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Rafa Nadal Foundation organizes the "Invest for children" charity event -via IB3

Rafa Nadal Foundation and "Invest for children" will hold a charity event on December 15th to raise funds to promote the social integration of children and young people with mental retardation.

Under the slogan "Together for Integration", there will be activities throughout the day. It is expected that in the morning a championship will take place among some tennis partner companies in the "Real Club de Tenis Barcelona". In the evening a Gala Dinner at the National Palace of Catalonia (MNAC), in Montjuïc. The proceeds will go to projects of both foundations.

"Invest for children", working for the integration of people with intellectual disabilities based on the methodology to support Labour, and for its part, the Foundacion Rafael Nadal will promote the "Integration and Sport Programme", together with SOS Children's Villages. This project has just started, and it will strengthen the social and family environment of children and youth through education and sport.

Currently, the programme has full activity in Sant Adria de Besos (Barcelona) and Granada, and in the forthcoming years it is expected to touch other areas of need, both in Spain and abroad.

Nadal confirms that this "is an important opportunity to help those close to children and teenagers in need. This project aims to give them hope and offer them opportunities in their immediate environment."

Rafael Nadal family quits Mallorca’s executive board - LiveTennisGuide
The World No. 2 ranked Rafael Nadal’s family has released a statement on Monday that, their representative, Fernando Martos was desolating the Spanish Soccer club’s board, due to clash against Miguel Angel Nadal, a former soccer player for Spain and uncle of Rafael Nadal. The Nadal’s family given a statement they were disappointed, after Michael Laudrup freed as coach on last week. Spaniard family owns 10 percent of shares in the Mallorca Soccer team and helped the team financially in tough time.

 Rafa Nadal & Armada take part in Tribute
After the Asian tour hardcourt, with the Open 500 in Beijing and Tokyo, and 1,000 of Shanghai Masters, Rafael Nadal, David Ferrer, Feliciano Lopez and Fernando Verdasco, among others, will not return to their homes. Before that, make a stop in Barcelona, ​​more specifically at the Palau Blaugrana, to be an active part in the homage of October 22 Andres Gimeno, the player who in 1972 became the oldest to be crowned on the ground Roland Garros.

ATP ACES For Charity 
Nadal, Nalbandian, Japan Earthquake Fund Receive ATP Aces For Charity Grants

“For me, and especially for my Foundation, it’s important,” said Nadal. “We are working hard on a few projects and to receive a cheque like this is very positive and for sure will help a lot.”

The Rafa Nadal Foundation, launched in February 2008, aims to provide opportunities for socially disadvantaged youth. The Foundation offers educational programmes using sport as a tool for personal and social integration, passing on values such as effort, self-improvement and respect. It is currently affiliated with three projects: the Vicente Ferrer Foundation in Antapur, India; the Special Olympics; and the Aldeas Infantiles SOS.

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