Rafalinkage: Photos


Some updated photos of Rafa around the web...Above photo via Champions Drink Responsibly fb "Behind the scenes with Rafa!/¡Entre bastidores con Rafa!"

Rafa updates his facebook/twitter status:

I'm at Barcelona's airport, waiting for my flight to Mallorca. It's been two months without being at home... and I'm looking forward to it!!

Some new photos have surfaced of Rafa in New York City from what it looks like his shopping trip to looking at that yellow lamborgini FERRARI via PurePeople

For all those who pay attention to the smallest of details.. The car is a Ferrari Enzo.

Also some shots of Rafa via @davidjnadal 

IB3 ha hablado con Rafel Nadal en el aeropuerto: "ya tenía ganas de volver a casa después de 2 meses fuera. Ahora

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