Rafa Nadal undergoes 'Sweat Test'


Nadal made a "sweat test" at the University of Castilla-La Mancha

Rafael Nadal yesterday visited the University of Castilla-La Mancha (UCLM) for a "sweat test" in the Faculty of Sports Science of Toledo. This test, carried out in the Exercise Physiology Laboratory under the direction of Professor Ricardo Mora, researches rehydration needs of professional athletes when exercising in high temperatures.

Professor explains, Nadal underwent an exercise test in hot conditions similar to those found recently in Cordoba during the Davis Cup semifinal. In the laboratory, they measured his ability to dissipate heat through sweating, and how his body temperature was rising. In the coming days will also review the composition of his sweat and the initial hydration status.

"With these data, we prepare a report to advise on the best strategies for rehydration and nutrition before and during games," said the professor. "The performance of an elite tennis player depends on technical factors of the sport and physiological factors that allow your muscles can continue hitting the ball full speed after three or four hours of game. The heat, if it accumulates in tissues can reduce the power of the body and hence the performance in tennis, "he explains.
They also collaborated in carrying out the test the students of the Faculty Nassim Hamouti, Juan Fernando Ortega, Valentin Fernandez, Jesus Garcia-Pallares and Alvaro Lopez. During his visit, Nadal was accompanied by medical Spanish Tennis Federation, Angel Ruiz Cotorro, by the rector of Toledo campus, Evangelina Aranda, and the dean of the Faculty, Susana Mendizabal. UCLM Communications Office. Toledo, September 20, 2011

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