Nadal vs Ferrer Exhibition


Rafael Nadal vs David Ferrer Plays Taiwan Exhibition

Rafael Nadal will be playing exhibitions against his fellow country men world No.5, David Ferrer on October 1st, 2011 at the National Taiwan Sport University, Taiwan. The International Management Group (IMG) and Taiwanese organizers announced that a series of tennis exhibition matches will take place in Taiwan later this year in a bid to boost local interest in  the game.

Rafael Nadal has stated in a video message to Taiwan fans that, he is looking forward for the exhibition match against his fellow counter men, David Ferrer.

The only information I found was via this website here via Kham.com being that I am not fluent in Chinese Don't understand a word their saying the website is un-google-translateable..being that the entire page is made of flash design..anyone up for a translation, would appreciate any help. Gracias!

National Taiwan Sport University

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